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repnice wine cellar bizeljsko

One of Slovenia’s most awe-inspiring – yet largely unknown – attractions are the repnice wine cellars of the Bizeljsko area, which were only ‘discovered’ some two decades ago after over ten million years in the making. All film poster hyperbole aside, the hand-dug flint stone cellars are truly a unique sight and easily one of the Posavje region’s must-see highlights. The foundation for these geological anomalies was laid, quite literally, during the Miocene Epoch, when the Pannonian Sea began to retreat, leaving thick layers of flint stone that was subsequently dug Repnice into by locals and used as cellars for the storage of produce and other goods, such as turnips (or repa in Slovene).

Today around a dozen or so of these wine cellars are open for visitors. With temperatures between 5-10°C and humidity that reaches up to 96 percent, they’re ideal for storing wine. However, it is the beautifully patterned flint stone walls and ceilings of the interconnected subterranean chambers that are the true draw for visitors – with every square centimetre a unique testament to the millions of years of geological activity that produced it.

Mestna Hiša Brežice
Cesta prvih borcev 22, Brežice
+386 64 130 082

Source: THE Slovenia Wine: Top 125 Experience

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