TOP 8 experience in Alpine Slovenia


TOP 8 experience in Alpine Slovenia

lake bled

Bled, photo:, Franci Ferjan

The northernmost region in Slovenia is also arguably its most cherished and adored, with alpine mountains covering the vast majority of it, providing the sort of scenery one comes to expect from such a magnificent range.

The air is fresh and tinged with romance, with gorgeous valley after gorgeous valley just waiting to impress each and every prospective visitor. Among the region’s many sights, Slovenia’s most famous lakes, Bled and Bohinj, are found here, as well as its only national park and highest point, the mighty Mt Triglav.

When it comes to outdoor activities, there are countless opportunities to ski, hike cycle, kayak and much more. Starting from the Italian border in the far west and mesmerizing emerald waters of the Soča river, the region is actually comprised of several different mountain ranges, namely, the Julian Alps, Karavanke and Western Kamnik­ Savinje Alps, with the Pohorje mountains stretching to Slovenia’s second city of Maribor in the east.

Climb the 99 steps to the island-bound Church of the Assumption in Bled


The most iconic feature of the most iconic attraction in the country, the image of the church on the island at­ tracts countless curious visitors to Bled, and Slovenia, every year. Whilst the location alone is reason enough to visit, the church itself is full of history and legend. The Wishing bell and the story is a curious mix of fact and fiction, and ringing it is a must-do when on the island.


bled island churrh.jpg

The Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front


Exclusive guidance “A soldier’s story from the Soča (Isonzo) front”, including visits to the Kobarid Museum, Kolovrat outdoor museum, and the museum of cheese-making with shepherd’s snack at Planika Dairy. The guide guides visitors through the museum and heritage of the former battlefields where more than ten nations fought during the Great War. The message of the narration is what war is and why we must not fight ever again.

Photo:, Valter Leban, arhiv Zavod za turizem Pivka

Dine at the restaurant of the world’s best female chef in Kobarid


One of the best restaurants in the country, many diners make the trip to Slovenia just to eat here. Run by a hus­band and wife team, Ana Ros, hailed as the best female chef in the world, is in charge of the kitchen, while Valter Kramar’s knowledge of Slovenian wines and cheeses is unrivalled. Set in a rustic villa outside the town of Ko­barid, meal shere are in high demand,with reservations mandatory.

Photo:, Nea Culpa d.o.o

ana ros kobarid

Listen to the waterfalls humming away in the green Logar valley

Logarska Valley,

In the Logar Valley you can admire pristine green nature at every step. Take the Trail through the Logar Valley, a natural historic and ethnographic trail leading through the fascinating nooks and crannies amidst the unspoilt nature of the landscape park. You’ll have the opportunity to discover extraordinary, rare and even endangered flower species. The valley is known also for its many waterfalls, the most notable among which is the 90-metre Rinka Falls.

Photo:, Žiga Kalan, Produkcija Studio

lgoarska valle

Survive a WWII Allied bombing run in the tunnels under Kranj


One of the most unique attractions in the Slovene Alps is the WWII-era tunnel complex that runs for 1.3km under the heart of Kranj’s old town and was built to serve as a bomb shelter Following the war the tunnels were largely forgotten about and fell into a state of disuse. Extensive restoration works finally completed and the tunnels opened to the public in 2008, and now host various cultural events.

Photo:, Jošt Gantar

tunnels under Kranj

Carve the fresh powder at Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora,

Considered the premier ski resort in Slovenia, Kranjska Gora is a favourite haunt for well-to-do locals and for­eigners alike. You won’t find the most challenging runs, but it’s excellent for beginners and intermediate skiers. If you need more speed to get the adrenaline pumping, a World Cup slope in nearby Podkoren is sure to do the trick, while there are some beautiful trails for cross­ country skiers.

Photo:, Jošt Gantar

Ski Center Kranjska Gora.jpg

Watch trains traverse one of the world’s longest stone bridges in Solkan


A feat of civil engineering, Solkan bridge near Nova Gorica remains the second largest stone bridge in the world, and the longest for trains.The current structure, 220m long with an 85m arch bridge over the emerald waters of the Soca river, is actually a reconstruction completed in1927. The original was built around 1905 by the Aus­trians, who also destroyed it barely a decade later during the First World War.

Photo:, Mirko Bijuklič

Explore the gorgeous Tolmin Gorges

Just a stone throw away from Tolmin, at the confluence of Tolminka and Zadlaščica, both streams have carved deep gorges into the rocks. A tourist path, which enables a view of the gorges both from the top and from the bottom, runs by the crystal clear turquoise water. The gorges are the lowest point of Triglav National Park and one of the most popular tourist spots in the region. Try finding Bear’s Head and The Devil’s Bridge set 60 metres high above the Tolminka River and the thermal spring in the cave under.

Photo:, Michael Matti

Soca river Tolmin Gorges

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Products made with love in Slovenia