CERKLJE NA GORENJSKEM: A small town with big attractions


Favourably located on the passage from the Ljubljana Basin to the mountainous area of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem (as it is properly known) boasts natural diversity and a rich historical and cultural heritage.

The municipality itself consists of 30 villages, of which the majority are spread out on the fertile southern lowlands and some on the northern foothills and slopes of Krvavec Mountain and the adjacent hills. Cerklje is conveniently situated near the three major cities in this part of the country. By car Kranj is just 15 minutes away, while Ljubljana and Kamnik are also not far off.  With Slovenia’s international airport a stone’s throw away and an abundant amount of hotels and guesthouses it’s an ideal base for both tourists and business travellers. Not to resort to clichés, but the area has everything one could want, hospitality, delicious food, diverse nature, historical and cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years and last but not least plenty of recreational opportunities all year round.

ACTIVE TIME OFF FOR EVERY SEASON IN CERKLJE: The charm of the country side and intact nature in all diversity and beauty. Numerous options for recreation and relaxation: Krvavec, Štefanja and Šenturska Gora, ponds Češnjevek and Lahovče ponds and many other places in lowland in Cerklje surroundings. Beautiful views, luxuriant flora and exciting fauna. Relaxing connection with animals. An opportunity to purchase domestic products. The spirit of landscape and numerous churches. The magnificence of church of Saint Mary of the Assumption and the monastery Velesovo in Adergas. Ignacij Borštnik birthplace and other cultural heritage monuments. The charm of Strmol castle and estate. Numerous entertainment and social activities. Genuine domestic food and selected contemporary cooking. Wide range of accommodation for every taste and pocket – from romantic alpine log cabin to castle.

That and even more offers picturesque rural environment of Cerklje. Learn about natural and cultural Heritage of Cerklje, introduced by local guides. Enjoy the hospitality that locals offer, as they will treat you as one among them and find a way to help you. Discover Cerklje on foot, by bicycle, motorcycle, and car or by riding a horse. Cerklje also has lots of different adrenaline-inducing activities available, like jumping with a parachute off of Krvavec. Cerklje has also been leading in an annual nation-wide competition for the tidiest small town in Slovenia. They welcome all visitors, tourists and investors. Cerklje’s prime location and beauty makes it a great place for a new or second home.

KRVAVEC KRVAVEC: is the nearest ski resort to Ljubljana (25km away) and attracts many visitors during winter. The skiing season here usually lasts a minimum of 100 days and under the right conditions up to 150 days per year. Excellent infrastructure to and from the ski slopes. With extensive runs for beginning and advanced skiers and even a 5km route for walking and cross country skiing, you might call it a winter wonderland. But besides frolicking in the snow, Krvavec is also an ideal destination in the summer for mountaineering, cycling and hiking. A vast number of trails lead through beautiful nature to spectacular views of the Ljubljana basin and it is always a good option to escape the infamous summer heat and cool off on the Alpine meadows. When on your way up or down don’t hesitate to make a pit stop at a mountain lodge for some of the domestic culinary specialities like roast beef, a vast scala of sausages, homemade bread, stews and buckwheat, it tastes delicious all through the year. Info: Grad 76, tel. +386 (0)4 25 25 911, [email protected], www.rtc-krvavec.si.