What does Mojmir Šiftar think about the Michelin in Slovenia?


Mojmir Šiftar is one of the best young chefs in Slovenia, who competed in the competition of San Pellegrino Young Chef and was the semifinalist. Since 2018 he has been cooking for us at the Evergreen restaurant at one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia, Smlednik Golf Club.

Today we asked Mojmir Šiftar what he thinks about the arrival of the Michelin Guide to Slovenia.

Mojmir Šiftar is an amazing and talented chef at the Evergreen Restaurant in Smlednik, just a short drive away from the city center of Ljubljana. Surrounded by the amazing green and lush golf course, Mojmir Šiftar serves amazing dishes. Mojmir Šiftar is 28 years old, but don’t let that fool you, as he started cooking at the age of 14, alongside one of the best Slovenian chefs, Janez Bratovž at Restavracija JB. Mojmir Šiftar often puts Slovenian traditional dishes on the plate and combines them with new techniques, making sure the younger generations do not forget tradition and culinary specialties of Slovenia.

Photo: Dean Duboković

THE: What do you think about the arrival of the Michelin guide to Slovenia?

Mojmir Šiftar: “The arrival of Michelin Guide to Slovenia can affect Slovenian restaurants in several ways. Will, it will mean a new motivational impetus or an additional burden and pressure. As far as gastronomy is concerned, (Michelin Guide in Slovenia) is definitely welcomed, as it puts the region on a new gastronomy world map and this encourages new gastronomic enthusiasts to come to Slovenia.

THE: What kind of an impact will the Michelin Guide have for Slovenian gastronomy? Will there be any consequences?

Mojmir Šiftar: “The consequences will mainly depend on how we as a nation, will use the potential of the (Michelin) Guide in Slovenia. If we change our way of thinking just a little bit and raise the level of everyday eating habits in terms of awareness, the good times await us.

We would like to thank Mojmir Šiftar for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us!