What does Matej Tomažič think about the Michelin in Slovenia?


Matej Tomažič, a chef full of knowledge who cooked all the way from the Netherlands to Italy, and back Slovenia. He worked in the most famous Slovenian restaurants like Dvorec Zemono and Hiša Franko, and now he is the head chef at Domačija Majerija.

Today we asked Matej Tomažič what he thinks about the arrival of the Michelin Guide to Slovenia.

Matej Tomažič worked alongside some of the best chefs and also taught many young talents along the way. His culinary resume is among the most impressive ones. Over the years he was gathering culinary knowledge and nurturing his talent in Dvorec Zemono – Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Hiša Franko and also in the Italian restaurant La Subida, where the first-ever Slovenian Michelin star recipient works. His culinary philosophy is that our kitchen is a part of our identity. Today he cooks in Domačija Majerija in Vipava Valley, where his culinary focus lies in fresh and local ingredients.

Matej Tomažič from Domačija Majerija

THE: What do you think about the arrival of the Michelin guide to Slovenia and what will it mean for the Slovenian restaurants that will become the recipients of Michelin star(s)?

Matej Tomažič: “The arrival of the Michelin Guide, and thus probably of the (Michelin) stars, is of utmost importance for gourmets, caterers, as well as for the Slovenian hospitality and tourism industry. Very simple with the arrival of Michelin Guide, we will appear on this so-called “The Michelin Map.” If you are on this map then you exist, otherwise, chances are that often the best guest ever gets to you or your restaurant is greatly reduced. The same goes for the other gastronomic guides. Each one is an important tool for finding the best restaurants or getting great guests in the best restaurants. Usually, these guests are not only great at the restaurant, but also at the hotel where they spend the night and wherever they stay.”

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Thank you, Matej Tomažič for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us!

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