What does Bine Volčič think about the Michelin in Slovenia?

Bine Volčič - Monstera Bistro

Bine Volčič, one of the best-known chefs in the country and without a doubt one of the most recognizable ones. Volčič’s culinary philosophy is characterized by a constant search for new flavors, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and the use of unusual and forgotten foods.

Today we asked Bine Volčič what he thinks about the arrival of Michelin Guide to Slovenia.

Bine Volčič is one of the first chefs in Slovenia to promote the concept of “zero-waste-cuisine”. He opened his Monstera bistro in the center of Ljubljana in 2016, making his dream come true in his own corner with innovative, authoritative cuisine.

Bine Volčič in his bistro Monstera

THE: What do you think about the arrival of the Michelin guide to Slovenia and what will it mean for the Slovenian restaurants that will become the recipients of Michelin star(s)?

Bine Volčič: “In my opinion, the arrival of Michelin’s culinary guide to Slovenia is great and the time is (just) right as our (Slovenian) cuisine is mature enough for it. Chefs, together with the local producers and winemakers have been ready for this “next step” forward for several years now.”

THE: Do you think we have restaurants that deserve a Michelin star?

Bine Volčič: “We have quite a few restaurants that would deserve to get a Michelin star. Regardless of the (final) number of restaurants in the (Michelin) guide, the arrival of Michelin in Slovenia is the ultimate confirmation that we belong on the culinary map of the world.”

We would like to thank Bine Volčič for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us!