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The most scenic tour to Triglav

It’s been 124 years since Jakob Aljaž, a great patriot and a priest, paid one Austro-Hungarian gulden for the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain. The amount of money one could have bought 50 eggs or 10 liters of milk for. His idea was to oppose the prevalent Germanization of the Slovenian people and the mountains in the Austro-Hungarian Empire back then.

Once the top of Slovenia was again Slovenian, he had a 2×1.25 m symbolic tower erected at the top of Triglav on 7 August 1895. In the following years he also mined an almost impassable 30-cm ridge between the peaks of Triglav and Mali Triglav into the nicely wide ridge we know today; besides, he also built the mountain hut Kredarica at 2,515 m and the Aljaž Hut in the Vrata Valley below Triglav. His far-reaching idea was to stimulate more Slovenians to visit the mountains, conquer the very top of Slovenia – the symbol of the Slovenian nation, make new legendary routes, and thus make the mountains Slovenian again.

And right here among the same jagged peaks and sheer pastel walls of this ancient range of the Alps where many heroic tales tell the history of Slovenia and its alpinism, while they also serve as the playground for many top-notch alpine climbers nowadays, a network of gorgeous trails and climbing routes open the door to the mysterious world of the Julian Alps.

To first-time hikers, fresh onlookers, the impression is often theatrical: isolation awash with expansive panoramas, vertical walls, and endless routes. The further up you go, the bigger and less tamable it seems. Yet, with experience and mileage the labyrinth of incredibly scenic trails starts to reveal gorgeous interwoven passages; from one Alpine valley to another, from one beautiful meadow to another, and from one peak to another.

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The route: Pokljuka – Vodnik Hut – Planika Hut – Triglav – Kredarica Hut – Krma Valley

Oftentimes categorized as the most scenic route to Triglav, the trail from Pokljuka couldn’t be more cozy, dreamy or just plain divine. Marmots and chamois wandering among bushes, rock walls, picturesque meadows and a winding trail – all set up against the rugged mountainous world of the Julian Alps.

The initial ascent from Pokljuka up to Studor Pass climbs about 700 m of elevation in the first hour and a half, but when past it, the trail to the Vodnik Hut stays pretty flat …

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Products made with love in Slovenia