Istravirgin, 16th days of young olive oil in Vodnjan


A celebration of “green gold” with numerous opportunities for B2B and an innovative gastronomic approach

Vodnjan, November 3rd 2022 – This year, the sixteenth edition of the days of young olive oil in Vodnjan, takes place from November 25th to 27th under the name ISTRAVIRGIN, which additionally emphasizes that Istria is the leading olive growing region. In addition to the new name, this year the festival is being held at a new location – in the premises of the old school, which exudes tradition and emphasizes that it is in Vodnjan that the tradition of growing olives has been nurtured for generations.

“We want to put Istrian tradition in the foreground, and we hereby invite Istrian olive growers to be exhibitors at our festival and show why Istria is a prime location for the production of extra virgin olive oil and why Istrian oil deserves diamond status in every respect,” say the organizers and they emphasize that there will be numerous opportunities for business cooperation during the festival. “We will bring together olive growers, top chefs, gastro journalists, gastro experts, expert tasters of olive oil in one place… In short, all lovers of this ‘green gold’.” Applications are open for a short time, so we invite those interested to contact us”, they emphasize.

Numerous renowned names of the local gastronomic scene

In addition to tradition, ISTRAVIRGIN will once again present modern contents for gourmets of the new generation. Of particular note is the richest cooking show, which will be physically separated from the exhibition space itself, and the masterclass workshops of the leading culinary names of the domestic gastro scene, such as: Hrvoje Kroflin, Hrvoje Zirojević, David Skoko, Jeffrey Vella, Deni Srdoć, Marina Gaši, Marijo Čepek, Svjetlana Celija and icon of Istrian gastronomy Robert Perić.

They will prepare a sequence of dishes with different, carefully selected new olive oils in front of the guests and explain and compare the selected varieties and the intensity of the oils. In this way, it will be further emphasized that olive oil is not just an addition to dishes, but a food of exceptional gastronomic value, represented in world cuisine.

Visitors of ISTRAVIRGIN, on the 16th days of young olive oil in Vodnjan, can expect an all-day gastro show, with topics such as unique Brijuni spices and wild herbs, local ingredients that are hidden in the pots of Istrian restaurateurs and delight tourists, and gourmets will be especially delighted by dishes with innovative fusion concepts sweet desserts and refined taste of young olive oil.

“One of the specialties of the ISTRAVIRGIN festival is certainly the already well-known Oil bar, where visitors have the opportunity to try the range of smells and aromas of powerful young olive oils of the ’22 season exhibitors of the entire festival. In addition, “beginner” olive growers can taste their oil with experienced tasters and exchange opinions in a separate tasting room. There are also professional lectures, a children’s corner, art content, the Istrian wine and distillery scene in a familiar, pleasant atmosphere, all in order to give young olive oil the attention it deserves,” say the organizers.

The organizer of ISTRAVIRGIN, the 16th days of young olive oil is the City of Vodnjan – Dignano with its partners – the Tourist Board of the City of Vodnjan and the Agroturist Vodnjan Association, and the festival is sponsored by the County of Istria and the Tourist Board of the County of Istria. The event takes place under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Agriculture. This prestigious manifestation of a long tradition in a refreshed guise and a striking new ISTRAVIRGIN name will gather thousands of visitors on the last weekend in November, who will have the opportunity to taste this autochthonous top product in the center of one of the most awarded olive growing regions in the world.