European food summit 2022 in Ljubljana – the future of food, is just around the corner

European foof summit 2022

5–7 November 2022 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

It is time to bring more to the table and adapt food systems for creating a better future.Let’s use endless opportunities for healthier, more local and more nutritious food. Let’s give more of ourselves and more of our thoughts. A sustainable attitude to food connects us. It is time for you to join us.

European food summit 2022 will held in Ljubljana, 5–7 November 2022. It is time to bring more to the table and adapt food systems for creating a better future. Let’s use endless opportunities for healthier, more local and more nutritious food. Let’s give more of ourselves and more of our thoughts. A sustainable attitude to food connects us. It is time for you to join us.

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Here’s what we’re serving you at the European Food Summit 
Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl, a unique and creative fusion of cuisine, culture, and architecture, will unveil the culinary secrets of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, on Saturday, November 5. This time, the unforgettable culinary exploration is intertwined with the inspiring stories of 7 cultural temples and attractions, where ladies from JRE Slovenia will serve their signature dishes made from local ingredients.   Saturday will end with Ljubljana Soul Chefs, an event where three top chefs from three renowned catering and restauranteur families will conjure up an unforgettable culinary evening. This time, stories will be told by the families that run Grič, Gostilna Mihovec, and Dvor Jezeršek and who have been enthralling food lovers for generations.

Discover moreThe all-day symposium, which will take place on Monday, November 7, at the Ljubljana Castle, will serve up inspiring stories from the world’s top chefs, including Alberto Landgraf (Oteque, Brazil), Rodolfo Guzman (Boragó, Chile), Mory Sacko (Paris, France) and Santiago Lastra (London, UK), renowned winemakers such as Laura Avogadro Di Collobiano and Chiara De Iulis Pepe (Italy), scientists and experts from various fields, including Dan Saladino (UK) and Marleen Onwezen (theNetherlands), many writers and journalists, and other influential individuals.

Find the entire program of the symposium here European Food Summit will end with a unique dining experience, where the chefs of Slovenian restaurants, which have received new Michelin stars this year, will join forces for the first time. Get ready to taste the culinary masterpiecesof Igor Jagodic (Strelec Restaurant), Filip Matjaž (COB Restaurant), and David Žefran (Milka Restaurant). 

The number of tickets for the European Food Summit is limited. There are only a few places left. If you want to be a part of inspiring culinary stories.It is time to bring more to the table!  Get your tickets todayIt is time for new knowledge, better habits, inspiration, and ideas for a better and more sustainable future. It is time for #efs2022! 

By respecting local growers and buying local and seasonal ingredients, you can create diverse and unique meals, support the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Creative and responsible food preparation offers endless possibilities for using more and reducing food waste. Connecting allows you to share good practices for reducing food waste.

Responsibility results in sustainability and better care for the environment and yourself. By balancing the production and consumption of local and imported food, you help ensure fair distribution for all.

Intriguing topics with regard to the nutrition of the future will be discussed by world-class chefs and exceptional individuals, including Alberto Landgraf, Rodolfo Guzman, and Dan Saladino. Get ready also for an exciting gastronomy adventure, which will be prepared for you by JRE Slovenia chefs, top chefs from Ljubljana, as well as the newcomers among the Michelin-starred Slovenian restaurants. 

The Whats, Wheres, and Whens On Saturday, November 5, join us forthe Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl, where you will walk through the streets of Ljubljana and experience a unique and creative fusion of cuisine, culture, and architecture.Finish off the day with Ljubljana Soul Chefs, where you will have a chance to taste a four-hands dinner prepared by top chefs. Unique menus from local and seasonal ingredients that will pamper all your senses guaranteed!

Sunday, November 6 will be dedicated to Feel Slovenia Day Trips, when the world’s most influential media representatives and journalists will discover hidden corners of Slovenia and get an insight into sustainable principles of gastronomy. Of course, we’re saving the best for last: on Monday, November 7, the whole-day Symposium will take place. You will have a chance to hear about exciting and innovative concepts and ideas for the future of food.

In the debate, world-class chefs, scientists, and experts, as well as other influential individuals will join us and by sharing their visions encourage us to think ahead and act in favor of a better and more sustainable future. The European Food Summit 2022 will once again finish with an unforgettable Experience Dinner, where the 2022 Michelin-starred newcomers from Slovenia will join forces. They will serve you with masterpieces that will take you to the future of tastes. 

Your attitude to food reflects your values. Help build community for a better tomorrow. The European Food Summit, one of the most renowned international events which helps build a vision of future nutrition, returns to Ljubljana in November 2022. This year’s edition brings together:

CREATORS It is the love of life that drives the motivational power for change.The event is only as great as the people creating it. Therefore, crème de la crème professionals keep a vigilant eye on the European Food Summit:

Ana Roš

co-founder of EFS

World’s best female chef according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants academy and a great promoter of Slovenian cuisine. The taste and the face of the 2-starred Michelin restaurant, Hiša Franko.

Andrea Petrini

Curator & Member of the Expert Council

One of the most prominent names in the world of gastronomy, by many described as “The God of Food”. He is also the chair of the World Restaurant Awards jury and a renowned writer, journalist and curator of the GELINAZ project.

Dr. Afton Halloran

Curator & Member of the Expert Council

A Danish scientist with a PhD in international and pediatric nutrition with a specialization in sustainable food systems, which she considers as the best solution for the greatest global challenges.

Martin Jezeršek

Event organizer & Member of the Expert Council

General manager of Jezeršek gostinstvo, with vast experience in the field of hospitality and gastronomy. He strives to create innovative and creative gastronomic stories.

The importance of a sustainable attitude to food, which has a holistic effect on the individual, the environment and the community,
the purpose of more responsible habits, which prioritize more conscious and purposeful handling of food, and inspiration from world-renowned chefs and outstanding individuals from the fields of cuisine, science, art and the media, who will share their knowledge, experience, ideas and visions about a sustainable attitude to food.

Culinary experiences that will pamper your senses in a unique way. It is time for new knowledge, better habits, inspiration and more sustainable future. It’s time for #efs2022!

The European Food Summit will empower you with knowledge, motivate you with ideas and pamper your taste buds.


  • SUNDAY | NOV 6
  • MONDAY | NOV 7
  • 11 AM – 5 PMGOURMET LJUBLJANA CRAWLDo you want to create new culinary memories on the streets of Ljubljana?7 PM – 10 PMLJUBLJANA SOUL CHEFSOnline purches of the tickets is available only in the package with all other events.