Slovenia TOP 100 Events December 2022


These top 100 events of the month are an eclectic and interesting mix of culture, music, gastronomy, business, sport, education, shopping and other fun activities and outings for the whole family. The colour of the listings’ titles show their category, and events take place all over Slovenia and range from traditional to modern. Designed for children, adults, sports enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and art aficionados – in this comprehensive event guide you will be able to find events for every taste, so don’t hesitate to read all about what’s happening this month.Looking to experience even more adventures whilst in Slovenia? Then make sure to visit the completely free The Slovenia web page, where we present all of the country’s must-visit destinations as well as lots of stories and ideas for interesting trips off the beaten path.

Where to go in Slovenia, Alpine Slovenia, Ljubljana & Central Slovenia, Thermal & Panonioanin Slovenia, Mediterranean & Karst in december 2022? Festivals, Music events, Cultural events, Ethnological events, Sports events, Entertainment events, Gastronomic events, Children’s events, Fair, business and promotion exhibition, Other events.

THE Slovenia TOP 100 EVENTS December 2022.pdf