34th Pippi’s Festival in Velenje kicks off tomorrow

Festival for families with a long tradition


From September 9th to the 15th 2023, Pippi’s Festival, an event with a long-standing tradition of cultural engagement and family entertainment, is set to return to Velenje’s central area.

This year marks the 34th edition of the festival, which has throughout its history, consistently delighted families with its unique blend of educational and entertaining experiences.

This year visitors can expect a world where time takes on a playful twist, with journeys to the past and glimpses into the future. Activities include visits to prehistoric times, simulated time-reversals, and encounters with futuristic technologies like flying robots.

The festival aims to leverage history as an educational tool. Pippi, along with a team of assistants, will guide children through various historical eras in an engaging manner.

Pippi’s festival in Velenje features a range of attractions, including theatrical performances, puppet shows, dance displays, thematic obstacle courses, interactive exhibitions, cultural programs, and creative workshops, all interspersed with elements of sports and entertainment.

This vibrant celebration of culture and art will unfold in Titov Square, its surroundings, Pippi’s children’s playground, and the Red Hall, which will host creative workshops. Additionally, several municipal exhibitions and the Pippi cinema will be accessible during the festival.

For more information on Pippi’ festival 2023 and the 2023 program click HERE.

Families are invited to embark on this unique journey through time alongside Pippi and her team. Come and check what Pippi has prepared for you this year. Welcome to Pippi’s Festival!