Youngest Slovenian millionaires


The magazine Manager has, like every year, published the list of the youngest Slovenians. On the list of youngest Slovenian millionaires, magazine Manager featured mostly millennials. Most of them are working in the field of technology or are professional athletes.

TOP 100 richest Slovenes in 2020

A quick look at the list of youngest and richest Slovenians shows that most young millionaires are still working mainly in the IT industry, at 40 percent. Others on the scale come from more traditional industries such as trade, manufacturing and logistics. The youngest and richest Slovenian millennial is 26 years old and the average age is 34 years.

According to the Manager, the overall assets of the top 20 youngest Slovenian millionaires are 114 million euros bigger than last year, mainly due to professional athletes Goran Dragić, Anže Kopitar and Luka Dončić, who have not been evaluated so before this year, due to methodological dilemmas.

Who is the youngest Slovenian millionaire?

Damian Merlak, 34, and Nejc Kodrič, 31, who founded one of the most successful Slovenian companies Bitstamp, which is specialized in cryptocurrency exchange nine years ago, are still far ahead of the others in the first two places on the list. Merlak’s assets are estimated at 148 million euros, and Kodrič’s at 107 million.

Former Outfit7 employees Tadej Miklič, Matej Romih and Marko Štamcar are among the top ten. The assets of the first two, who still occupy the third place from last year, were valued at almost € 53 million. This was the sum of the purchase price for their shares in Outfit7. Marko Štamcar, also an IT specialist, landed in eighth place working in the field of business and dividends. His assents are worth more than 26 million euros. Štamcar is currently devoting to the Computer Museum project.

Richest Slovenian athletes

According to Manager Magazine adding professional Slovenian athletes who play abroad was quite a challenge as the tax system in other countries, especially in the US differs from the Slovenian tax system.

The first among the athletes, who is on fifth place in the magazine Manager ranking of richest Slovenians, is the basketball player Goran Dragić, whose assets are worth around 51.4 million euros. In seventh place is hockey player Anže Kopitar with 31.5 million euros. According to the authors of the article, the data on Luka Dončić’s earnings are much less reliable. His assets are estimated at 16.5 million euros.

This year, 38-year-old Črt Cencelj, a co-owner of Inel, which deals with industrial electronics, is firmly set in the sixth place. His assets are valued at 33.2 million euros. Franc Gregorčič’s sons, Gašper and Franc Gregorčič Jr. are also in the top ten, while Miha slipped slightly when selling a 24% stake in G4 Group. Their assets are estimated at 20 million euros.

Another newcomer, Marko Grgurović, the owner of Triternion, who developed the computer game Mordhau, which simulates medieval fighting with swords, torches, and bows, managed to be among the first 20 millennial millionaires in Slovenia. His assets are estimated at 15 million euros.

Source: Manager magazine