Women Economic Forum Slovenia 2020


Women Economic Forum – Slovenia will be held from 6th till 8th February 2020 in Grand Hotel Union in the city of Ljubljana.

Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a three day event with the slogan and theme: “Power of the Pack; Women trustfully supporting Women”. 

The organizers of the Women Economic Forum – Slovenia expect more than 200 women, supportive men and young leaders to join us over the two days including around 150 speakers from more than 30 countries.

The slogan of this Slovenian Women Economic Forum is :”Power of the Pack. Women trustfully supporting Women”. In explanation it adresses how we as women have been traditionally taught to be distrustful of one another due to scarcity of top jobs. It’s clear that the strategy doesn’t work.

The truth is that supporting one another raises us up collectively and channels the power of collaboration which is truly how we’ll change the spiralling equation… and have a lot more fun along the way. We need to reverse the stereotype that women don’t support other women. Studies unequivocally show that women supporting other women are more successful in business and happier in private life.

At the Women Economic Forum Slovenia 2020 there will be many amazing speakers and participants, such as Vlasta Nussdorfer (Adviser to the President of Republic of Slovenia on Human Rights, Slovenia), Karmen Novarlič (Head of Department at Slovenian Tourist Board), Petra Stipanic (Europe Committee Member, WAGGGS), Maja Mastrorovic Hajdukovic (Founder of Agile People Slovenia), Lidia Pavlin (Managing Director, Nicha d.o.o.), Klaudija Javornik (Head of Finance and Accounting, Adacta Fintech d.o.o.), Petra Juvancic (Direktorica Sluzbe Za odnose z javnostmi), Katja Jelercic (Director, Public Relations & Member of the Board of Mutual), dr. Gabriela Droga Mazoovec (Innovation Expert in Life Sciences), Manca Korelc (Social Media consultant and author of Moja jezera), Maja Pak (Director of Slovenian Tourist Board), dr. Nana Sumrada Slavnič (General Counsel at Outfit 7), Lucija Živa Sajevec (CEO at AMZS), Ana Savšek (Head of Content at Slovenian Tourist Board) and many, many more! Check out the rest of the amazing speakers of WEF Slovenia 2020, here

For more information about the program of Women Economic Forum Slovenia 2020, click here

We invite all the Soul sisters to join us on WEF Slovenia 2020 in Ljubljana on February 6th till 8th, and bring studies of unity and support into reality. Let’s empower our Pack!

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