New hiking app in Slovenia – APPEAK


The mobile app APPEAK is your new pocket tool for easier exploration and planning of hiking adventures in the hills and mountains. For Apple device users, it is available in the App Store, while Android users can find it in Google Play. Also available in ENGLISH or GERMAN LANGUAGE!

New Hiking Experience

According to some estimates, as many as 1.7 million hikers visit the Slovenian mountains every year. For many of them, the biggest challenge is deciding where to go. The choice often relies solely on general knowledge of the hills and mountains and their popularity, which can lead to unpleasant experiences when it turns out that a trail requires better physical fitness and equipment than initially thought.

The free app APPEAK, the result of years of work by a Slovenian team, is here to help. With an excellent user experience, it allows users to create a personal hiking profile and tailor search results to their needs and abilities. This helps find the right balance between your physical fitness and the difficulty of the trail. The app prioritizes well-informed and safe hiking by providing not only basic information about starting points, trails, and peaks—such as altitude, number and difficulty of trails, hiking time, and elevation gain—but also updated weather conditions and a list of necessary hiking equipment.

The purpose of the APPEAK app is not to direct hikers to the most well-known and crowded spots, but to introduce them to numerous other alternative trails and peaks. It often happens that hikers only know or hear about the most popular spots, even though there might be a beautiful and interesting trail with a stunning view at the top, just a little less known and visited, not far away.

New Hiking App in Slovenia, APPEAK

Explore, Plan, Conquer!

APPEAK is all this and more – it can be your indispensable companion for exploring the beautiful hilly and mountainous world. Admire photos of starting points, trails, and peaks, plan your next hiking adventure, share it with friends, or save ideas for future trips.

Choose and Plan

APPEAK is an excellent tool from the very beginning of the planning phase when you decide at home where to go based on your physical fitness and the hiking equipment needed for the chosen trail. You can choose from numerous suggestions categorized for your convenience or search for specific starting points, trails, and peaks. Compare trails with each other and filter by criteria such as point type, hill/mountain range, altitude, elevation gain, hiking time, difficulty, trail markings, required equipment, etc.

On the Trail

Even during the hike, the app will be your loyal companion, helping you track your route from start to finish with navigation and route mapping on 2D and 3D maps. However, don’t forget to take a printed map with you as it should be an essential part of your hiking gear. Pull your phone out again when you reach the peak. Not only will you want to capture the stunning view, but you’ll also digitally stamp the successfully conquered peaks into your hiking digital diary.

For All Hiking Enthusiasts

The APPEAK app is the result of years of careful development, research, and numerous interviews with hikers. It is designed for everyone, from recreational hikers to those more passionate who regularly visit the hills and mountains. Created with the aim of connecting diverse hikers and fostering a community, it encourages sharing photos of starting points, trails, and peaks.

APPEAK is based on publicly available data and user-contributed content. It is available in Slovenian, English, and German, with additional languages in preparation, as we aim to appropriately inform and educate foreign visitors to Slovenian hills and mountains.

The app is free, but its operation is not

For the proper functioning of the application, numerous services and resources (servers, databases, maps, domains, etc.) are required, which unfortunately are not always free. They want to offer users the best solutions, a refined user experience, and quick application responsiveness, which also incurs costs. Mountains, hills, and APPEAK are their hobbies and passions, so they will keep the application free and thus accessible to everyone for as long as possible.
Jan and Blaž, founder of the app, invite you to support them to the best of your ability! With your support, they will be able to maintain the application’s operation and continue working (btw, the list of ideas and new features is loooong), as every contribution also means an investment in the further development of the application.

Brumen Award for Excellent Slovenian Design 2024

At the 11th Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design, the APPEAK app received the Brumen Award for Excellent Slovenian Design 2024 in the category of digital products and services.


The APPEAK app is the result of development and design by the Slovenian team comprising Jan Mohorič and Blaž Rat, both mountain enthusiasts at heart. Their professional paths first crossed in 2017 when they worked at the same company. Two years later, Jan shared his idea for a hiking app over lunch at a restaurant in Ljubljana. He highlighted a key issue or gap in exploring the mountainous world. As it turned out then and later, he was not the only one facing this problem, so they were determined to solve it.

Jan Mohorič and Blaž Rat, the team behind the new hiking app APPEAK.

Jan is a programmer with experience on numerous large projects. He enjoys working with people, aiming to understand and help them. Blaž is a graphic designer with many years of experience in user interface (UI) design and understanding user experience (UX). He enjoys identifying new problems and solving them.

Together, they combined their professional expertise and love for the mountains to create an app that will be useful and beneficial for all hikers.