Slovenian company Viberate sets up a website to track canceled festivals


Viberate has set up a special website where festivals and concert enthusiasts can track which festivals are canceled or will be postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak.

You have probably come across the name Viberate a while back when there was a big “boom” in the world around blockchain companies. Slovenia was no exception to this trend. Viberate was one of the blockchain companies, which came to life during that period and remained on the map of blockchain companies, while many failed.

And what does Vibreate do when it doesn’t keep track of canceled or postponed festivals you might ask. They like to say (according to their website) that Viberate is revolutionizing the music industry, one data point at the time. As the world’s largest resource of reliable information on all things music, they aim to map and standardize the entire global music ecosystem. Viberate analyzes billions of data points from streaming sites, social media, ticket vendors, and other important sources. With transforming this big data into valuable insights, we help music professionals and enthusiasts generate inspiration, track performance, showcase work, and look for exciting business opportunities.

Keep track of canceled festivals

As festival season should be in full swing, especially in the US and Asia, Viberate felt the need to keep the festival-goers informed on wheater their festival or concert has been canceled or postponed. With that being said, Vibrate has set up a website, where you can check all the information in regards to your festival, or if you know any festivals that are being canceled or postponed to report it to them.

Sad news for festival-goers and enthusiasts. As of now, more than 142 festivals have been canceled completely, while 192 are being postponed. Among the postponed festivals is Ultra Music Festival Miami, Coachella, Lollapalooza Brasil and Argentina, Stagecoach Festival, Download Festival Japan and Download Festival Melbourne. So far the canceled festivals are Tomorrowland Winter, Glastonbury Festival, SXSW South by Southwest, Time Warp and many more.

Check their website Sick festivals, here.