Next Round 2020


The strategic & dealmaking gathering of startups, business angels, venture & innovation leaders from CE Europe.

Next Round Investment Conference is a premier startup event attracting an aggregate investor potential of 2+ Billion Euro. This year online.

At Next Round, they believe that Europe has the right ingredients to succeed in transitioning towards a new DIGITAL and GREEN economy. Next Round focuses on 1 : 1 meetings & dealmaking between accredited investors and early stage & scaleup ready startups from CEE.

Startups will help get us there faster.

That’s why at Next Round, we will match the most investable startups from Central Eastern Europe with the best investors in seed, angel or scale-up stages. We have 540 meeting slots reserved for making deals happen.

At Next Round participants will also talk to EU and national leaders, see how the startup ecosystem can support key agendas. 

During short and insightful panels, we will confront both future ambitions and current shortcomings of the innovation-to-market journey. 

To support the growth of the startup ecosystem going forward, we will look at examples, propose ideal models for financing new deals and announce ambitions and recommendations that will support EU wide and national policy through startup and venture ecosystem efforts.

Strategic insight + 1:1 Dealmaking

Entire day dedicated to 1 : 1 meetings will make sure that best-matched startups and investors are connecting with all relevant information at hand to make the next round call.

Deeptech and AI startups, funding, initiatives represent untapped potential in the region. So we’ll cover the emerging opportunities and line up new deals in this domain.

Understanding where the strategic focus of the EU lies, where big industry money is going and how to pivot the startup business in order to stay relevant and in line with key European agendas (Green, Digital, Secure).

Next Round 2020 will feature short and insightful briefings and discussions by EU and CEE stakeholders responsible for directing innovation policy and supporting its journey towards the market with startup funds, services or infrastructure.

Top 5 reasons to attend Next Round in October

  1. Accredited Investors
  2. Investment ready startups
  3. New CE region cross-border fund
  4. Strategic insight
  5. Free entry, vetted participants