Bear watching in Slovenia


Follow the footsteps of majestic brown bears in Slovenia in the rich green forests.

Slovenia is a country that boasts itself with stunning nature, from emerald rivers to lush untouched forests, which are an ideal habitat for a large number of animal species. Among them, one will find the grey wolf, Eurasian lynx, and the brown bear.

Slovenia is home to over 500 brown bears. If you would like to see this brown beast in its natural habitat you are in luck, as the largest number of brown bears in Slovenia live around an hour away from the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and there is exactly where we start our journey on which we are going to follow the footsteps of brown bears in hope of catching a sight of them in the forests of Notranjska regions.

Meet the Slovenian giants in their natural habitat

One must imagine that meeting a huge brown bear is a scary situation, however, there are unique opportunities to go bear watching in Slovenia under the supervision of experienced guides, who will make sure you will be safe and sound. Experience an encounter with Slovenian brown bears in a completely human-friendly as well as a bear-friendly way. Bear watching in Slovenia are special opportunities for one to get in touch with the wilderness.

The best time to go bear watching Slovenia is between May to October, as Slovenian furry giants tend to hibernate during the winter months, meaning the vast majority of them are hiding away, or better said sleeping away the colder months in Slovenia.

Don´t forget your camera while bear watching

Going bear watching in Slovenia is a great adventure. Most of the bear watching experiences in Slovenia are organized near Kočevje, which is famous and widely-recognized as the home of these majestic creatures.

Wildlife experts will take you through the rich forests in the Kočevje and Lož area, where you will be able to bear watch in special hides, where you will not disturb the brown bears in their natural habitat. These special hides are ideal for both amateur and professional photographers alike. At the hideouts, photographers will find comfortable bean bags and options to set up your won tripod with which you will be able to capture the perfect photo while bear watching in Slovenia.

Go bear watching Slovenia here and experience an unforgettable sight here.