Top experiences: Ziplining in Slovenia


Ziplining in Slovenia is one of the top experiences one can have while on holidays in the country on the sunny side of Alps. You will fly like a bird across the beautiful unspoiled Slovenian nature below.

Summer is approaching Slovenia, which means more and more outdoor activities are starting once again. This summer book a top experience that is ziplining in Slovenia.

What is ziplining you might have asked? Well, in plain and simple, ziplining as one of the top experiences in Slovenia offer you to descend from one part to the other own via steel cables, while enjoying a fun ride across some of the beautiful Slovenian sights. Ziplining can be adrenaline filed experience for some people, however, if you have been bungee jumping before then this fill be more mellow adrenaline rushed activity. Nevertheless, ziplining in Slovenia offers breathtaking panoramic views of the valley below you, making it worth every cent you will spend for this top experience in Slovenia.

Ziplining in Bovec

Bovec is the place to be if you love adrenaline-filled activities and adventures. We have previously covered the many things one can do in Bovec and Soča Valley while on holiday Slovenia. From canyoning, kayaking, sky diving, rafting, hiking, and everything in between. It seems like Bovec has it all for the people who love a dose of adrenaline.

Ziplining in Bovec is a top experience in Slovenia, as it is home to the biggest zipline park in Europe, which has opened its steel cables for adventure lovers in 2017. The largest zipline park in Europe offers stunning views of the picturesque and unspoiled valley of the river Učja. This zipline park in Slovenia has ten steel cables with a length of the 250-600m rise to 200m above the Soča river. While ziplining in Bovec you will also be able to enjoy the unique views of the Soča river gorge, the Bovec basin, and Slovenia’s highest mountain, Triglav.

Ziplining adventure on Kanin

Another ziplining adventure awaits near Bovec, where you will be able to slide down a steel zipline between mountain Kanin and Rombon. This top experience in Slovenia will take you 1300 meters above the sea level and provide you with an unforgettable adventure in Slovenia.

Fly like an eagle down the zipline in Planica

Have you ever wanted to fly like an eagle or better said like your favorite ski flying champions in Planica? Ziplining down one of the biggest ski jumping hills is without a doubt one of the top experiences in Slovenia. Ziplining down Planica will make you feel like you are in a ski jumping competition. This top experience will give you the sensations of flying like the Slovenian eagles and the world jumping elite with the help of the steepest zipline descent in the world, and fly over the Planica giant hill, the largest ski flying hill in the world. Ziplining above the Planica Valley can reach the speed of 85km/h. The length of the zipline in Planica is 566 meters.

Zipline near Lake Bled over Sava Dolinka

While you are visiting Lake Bled, make sure you engage in ziplining, which is one of the top experiences in Slovenia. Ziplining park in Sava Dolinka Valley offers amazing adventure, during which you will fly over the Valley and be able to take in all the breathtaking views of Sava Dolinka River underneath you, mighty Slovenian mountains such as Triglav, Stol and Babji Zob.

The ziplines in Sava Dolinka Valley are between 350 to 700 meters long. The total ziplining course comes to a length of 4 kilometers. Ziplining adventure near Lake Bled is an unforgettable experience that combines adrenaline drops with beautiful alpine nature.

Zipline above Sava River

Also near Lake Bled, you will find our next top ziplining location. More specifically, near Camp Šobec and the famous Footbridge. Ziplining above Sava River offers amazing drops on two different ziplines in Slovenia. The lengthy of them is 500 meters. The descent is 25 meters above the ground. You can reach a velocity of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. While dropping steel wire, you are surrounded by alpine green forest, with magnificent views of the Sava River with mesmerizing azure color.