First Time Ever: Alipay is underground in Postojna Cave


Postojna Cave is the world’s first cave where an underground purchase through the Alipay mobile payment service has taken place.

July 11th, 2019 by the Chinese Ambassador Wang Shunqing, who was delighted to welcome the payment platform that is very popular in China. Postojna Cave, where visitors and their satisfaction always come first, has thus taken an important step towards improving the visitor experience for all our esteemed Chinese guests.

Postojna Cave has been wowing visitors from all over the world for two centuries. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in the number of the so-called fully independent travellers, highly educated visitors who are impressed with the experiences, natural splendours and Slovenian tradition. When it comes to looking for authentic experiences, services and products, it is the Chinese visitors who are among the fastest growing group.

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“In our experience, Chinese visitors have considerable difficulty using their credit cards in Europe,” says Postojna Cave’s Head of Legal Kaja Batagelj, “so our aim was to improve their user experience and make sure they have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience in the Postojna Cave Park.”

We are the first in the world to offer payments in the subterranean world by means of the most widespread mobile payment platform. In fact, most payment transactions in China are made through Alipay, as it is used by more than a billion users, and is also known globally as one of the more secure payment methods.

“I believe that the introduction of Alipay to the Slovenian market could bring great convenience to Chinese tourists and it will be warmly welcomed by them,” said the Ambassador Wang Shunqing, who will be reminded of this important event and the world’s first-ever cave Alipay purchase by a one-of-a-kind glass olm.

“Every single visitor matters to us,” points out Marjan Batagelj, the company’s owner and president of the board. “It is for this reason that the basic information about our attractions is available online in our visitors’ individual mother tongues. Also, tour commentary is available in 17 languages, including Chinese – Chinese visitors can use audio guides in Mandarin. Alipay is by all means a step forward and a sign that we keep in step with the times as far as satisfying our visitors’ wants and needs is concerned.”

From now on, Alipay can be used to pay for the tour tickets to all the Postojna Cave Park sights, for the Hotel Jama services and for any purchases in our shops with the Alipay signage.

Postojna Cave

Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia