Conventa Crossover 2023

Festival of events for creative minds


Conventa Crossover, taking place in 2023 at Cankarjev dom from August 28th to 29th, 2023, brings together top experts from the fields of marketing and event organization.

Already today, distinguished professionals are stepping onto the stage to share their invaluable insights and expertise in their respective domains.

Check the Conventa Crossover 2023 programme HERE.

Check the full list of speakers at the event HERE.

What’s happening at Conventa Crossover 2023

The region’s top festival of events and live marketing returns this August, inviting expert speakers and facilitating knowledge exchange to uncover the future of the meetings industry. Conventa Crossover 2023 transforms Ljubljana into a vibrant meeting hub for innovative minds discussing pressing topics.

Under Juraj Holub’s moderation from Masters of Moderation, Conventa Crossover welcomes leading creative minds, inventors, and hoteliers seeking inspiration. Founder Gorazd Čad plans to reshape the festival into a Future Lab, spotlighting bold ideas and success stories.

Pigalle Tavakkoli and Christopher Kai will explore transformative experiences and storytelling’s business significance on August 29, 2023.

Keynote speakers include Anastasia Gramatchikova on cultivating people-centric, purpose-driven innovation cultures, and Adrian Klie on BrewDog’s journey to the world’s first carbon-negative brewery. Klaus Friedrich Meier addresses client needs, Dan Podjed delves into cultural waste aspects, and Stefan Hric explores his company Odpadnesh upcycling materials.

Conventa Crossover presents a lineup of expert speakers to share insights at the experience-rich festival. Attendees will learn from success stories of the Baltic Tigers known for unique events.

Crossover Legends contribute valuable insights at the Crossover Future Lab. Learning from industry veterans like Maarten Schram and Ivo J. Franschitz shapes new perspectives. The “F*!#ups at events” segment highlights learning from past mistakes, with speakers like Kathrin Schmidt and Boris Kovaček sharing their experiences.

Jan Oršič and Gorazd Čad moderate Ljubljana Talks, featuring Gašper Pavli, Ivan Petrović, and more. Concluding Conventa Crossover, CEE and SEE Lions present best practices. Ivo J. Franschitz, Manuela Šola, Miro Antić, Norbert Pycha, and Janos Fazakas contribute insights from the region.

Conventa Crossover, an annual festival, draws international experts in experience marketing and event organization to Ljubljana since 2015. It aims to exchange knowledge, ideas, and promote quality networking opportunities.

Check the Conventa Crossover 2023 programme HERE.

Check the full list of speakers at the event HERE.