The 18th Bled Strategic Forum will focus on Solidarity


The 18th Bled Strategic Forum, an international conference, will occur in Bled on August 28 and 29, 2023. This year’s event will be held under the theme “Solidarity for Global Security” and is set to be the most globally inclusive and representative forum to date. Given the recent devastating floods in Slovenia, this year’s conference will also incorporate fundraising efforts for flood relief. The Bled Strategic Forum is a project involving the Republic of Slovenia, organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Centre for European Future.

Solidarity Expressed at the Bled Strategic Forum

Under the motto “The Bled Strategic Forum stands in solidarity,” the 2023 Bled Strategic Forum will demonstrate solidarity with those impacted by the destructive floods. Most social events will be transformed into fundraising initiatives. A range of activities aimed at raising funds for flood relief will be arranged as part of the conference. Additionally, the opening ceremony, debates, and the main concert will align with the event’s motto.

Fundraising activities will involve appeals to participants to contribute to flood relief funds. Moreover, a fundraising concert hosted by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, and a donors’ dinner with business leaders hosted by Prime Minister Dr. Robert Golob will be included.

Bled Strategic Forum

Transitioning from Regional to Global

With notable participation from attendees spanning all five continents, the 18th Bled Strategic Forum solidifies its status as a globally-reaching event. This year’s forum will feature 32 panel discussions and over 200 speakers. Nine prime ministers, three presidents, the President of the European Council, 14 foreign ministers, as well as numerous other distinguished participants, including civil society members, international organizations, business figures, policymakers, and academics, have confirmed their involvement.

Enhanced Partnerships and the Significance of Solidarity

This year’s Forum is further reinforcing collaborations with key international think tanks (CEBRI – Brazil, Center for China and Globalization – China, Observer Research Foundation – India, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung – Germany, Global Diplomacy Lab – Germany, BMW Foundation – Germany, Interpeace – international) that have actively contributed to shaping the content of specific discussions. Various Slovenian ministries have also participated in shaping the content and are organizing supplementary activities on the periphery of the Bled Strategic Forum.

Solidarity’s Role in Ensuring Security

The content of this year’s Bled Strategic Forum delves into the role of solidarity in ensuring global security. Crises have become a daily occurrence, affecting numerous countries, regions, and continents in an indiscriminate manner. The present fragmentation within the international community further jeopardizes the security of countries, regions, and individuals.

Consequently, the 18th Bled Strategic Forum aims to establish common ground on building a sustainable, resilient, and socially just world based on solidarity as a global community.

This year’s forum, both in terms of content and participation, mirrors Slovenia’s aspirations as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the 2024–2025 term. The forum’s title, “Solidarity for Global Security,” effectively builds upon the slogan of Slovenia’s UNSC campaign, “Building Trust – Securing Future.”

Details of the concept and program of the Bled Strategic Forum are accessible here.

Bled Strategic Forum 2023: Introducing New Sustainability Measures

The 18th Bled Strategic Forum is introducing several sustainability measures. For the first time this year, complimentary rail transport will be provided for conference attendees on the Ljubljana-Lesce route. Group shuttle services will be arranged from Lesce train station to the conference venues in Bled. Sustainability measures also encompass increasing the share of plant-based meals and maintaining an established waste separation system.

Bled Youth Strategy Forum: Exploring the Profound Impact of Minor Actions

Running concurrently with the Bled Strategic Forum, the traditional Young Bled Strategic Forum will take place in Ljubljana from August 25 to 27. This year’s theme, “Mitigating our Butterfly Effect,” will bring together 40 socially engaged young individuals from around the world. During this event, these young participants will discuss vital global and regional matters, exploring potential solutions.

Further information regarding the Bled Youth Strategic Forum is available here.

About the International Bled Strategic Forum

The International Bled Strategic Forum is the foremost conference in Central and South-Eastern Europe, uniting participants from diverse fields and backgrounds to foster the exchange of opinions and ideas for tackling present and future challenges.

The conference serves as the cornerstone of a global platform sharing the same name, dedicated to generating ideas and facilitating the exchange of viewpoints on modern society and its future.