Istenič Wine Cellar / Posavje / Bizeljsko Wine Region

istenič sparkilng wine

Found tucked away in Bizeljsko in the far east of the country, Istenič is the largest wine producer in the district, as well as one of the largest producers of sparkling wine in all of Slovenia, especially amongst those who adhere to the classic method. The estate is also the Bizeljsko’s most professionally organised vineyard in terms of receiving guests, with a welcoming multi-lingual staff making visitors feel right at home.

Their website clearly lists different wine tasting packages and menus Istenič available, and even offers the ability to make a booking online. They’ve also got the even more prestigious acclaim of being on our short list of destinations we almost always take our foreign friends when they visit, as sampling a dozen different types of sparkling wine whilst lounging in the shade of an apple tree is the perfect way to relax after a day of sightseeing in the region.

Stara vas 7, Bizeljsko
+386 7 495 15 59

Source: THE Slovenia Wine: Top 125 Experience

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