It’s Time – Summer Picnics Are in Full Bloom


Even though summer hasn’t officially started, sun is shining (let’s ignore those rainy days from just last week), temperatures are high, and outdoor activates are back in style. And of course, one of the most favorite summer activates is a picnic. Whether you just like to eat tasty small snacks while enjoying the last gossips, whether you’re in desperate need of fresh air, flowers, and just chilling far away from the laptop and everyday job – a cute little picnic with your family and friends is always a good idea.

And yes – you can have picnic everywhere. Wherever you see a nice green surface, your blanket is surely ready to be placed and enjoyed. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Despite that, there are some quite beautiful places in each Croatian region which certainly stands out thanks to their natural beauty and surroundings. So, which are the picnic-perfect spots in Croatia? Oh, and what food to bring with you?


Slavonia is known for its beauty of fields, and it certainly has must-visit must-picnic places. I’m sure you already visited or you’re planning to visit Kopački rit in eastern Croatia! And this nature park is perfect for picnic, just imagine – you and your favorite people while water and forest greenery are the main characters of your surrounding! For more watery-inspired picnic spots, you must definitely visit lake Borovik. This beautiful place is situated near the town Đakovo and it presents one of the most beautiful and attractive places in the whole country! Not only that the lake is great for chilling and relaxing, but it is also perfect for fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, and jogging!

Slavonia is a place of beauty and amazing views, but besides that, it offers a few wine roads which would go quite beautifully with your prepared picnic bag. And you can’t go wrong if you take with you classic Slavonian dishes such as kulen, sausages, bacon, cheese, and homemade bread.

Rastoke –

Međimurje & Zagorje

Međimurje and Zagorje hide quite picturesque places. Or to put it simply – perfect picnic spots.

In Zagorje, there are wine roads, vineyards, and a lot of hidden places and routs. One of the most popular picnic places is called Vražja peć or the Devil’s cave. Yes, I know it sounds quite creepy, but don’t worry, there is the statue of St. Michael which will protect you (yep, seriously!). But despite the name, the green field surrounded by the forest presents a perfect gateway from the city hustle and crowded streets. From there, you can hike through small forest roads, pathway, and wooden bridges. A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon! In case you’re a history-lover, why not to organize a picnic with the view of castles?

Zagorje has many castles such as Veliki Tabor, Gorica, and Ščrbinec, so you’re surely going to enjoy the view! And to talk about your picnic basket – make sure to pack pork rinds, sausages, bacon, štrukli, and all other dishes from this region!

In Međimurje, you need to visit Mađerkin breg which is just amazing due to its beautiful nature, and in case you’re wondering what to pack in your picnic bag – Varaždinski klipiči are a must! Međimurje has a lot of sights to see, visit, and enjoy, such as Matulov grunt, different museums, old town of Zrinski, and more! Due to that, there are a lot of green surfaces, places, and spots which are perfect for your picnic blanket!

Zagreb & Purlieus, Lika & Gorski kotar

Lake Borovik –

Zagreb offers a beautiful urban jungle and every part of this city, has its own park and jungle suitable for a nice get-together picnic. Maksimir, Jarun, Bundek, Tomislavac, Zrinjevac, and more, Zagreb has a lot to offer, whether we’re talking about the perfect picnic-spots, whether about food, snacks, and small bites. In this city, you really can’t go wrong.

Karlovac is a town of 4 rivers. And you know what that means – a lot of picturesque spots and places near the water, on the green field, sunny weather, and nice temperatures. Oh, and there, in the old town of Dubovac, you can enjoy in the organized picnic with a beautiful selection of filled picnic baskets (yep, filled!) – from the selection for 2 and 4 to the romantic or family baskets, choose your favorites, and you’re good to go! Oh, and it is nice not to worry about packing the basket, isn’t it?

In Lika, you know where to go – Rastoke and Plitvice Lakes. Whichever place you choose, you’re going to enjoy it! And I think there is no need to talk more about these 2 places, right? I’m sure you all are quite familiar with their beauty! The only think I need to mention is food – pack Lika potatoes, ham, bacon, and škripavac (Lika’s traditional cheese).

Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia

Marjan –

When it comes to the Croatian coast, its beauty speaks for itself! Inland Istria has beautiful forests, fields, and vineyards, and due to that, you can choose a nice visit to some of the wine cellars, enjoy their wine, and some refreshing pasta salad, Istrian ham and ombolo, or some other delicacy. In case you’re visiting the Istrian coast, Brijuni have perfect picnic spots combined with untouched nature and architectural heritage. Besides that, and during the summer, Brijuni have an open cinema!

When it comes to Kvarner and Dalmatia, there is really no specific place I would like to mention because their beautiful beaches and forests are perfect for picnic, gathering, and just enjoying yourself and good company! You can visit Učka or the islands of Krk and Cres, beautiful Marjan in Split, forests on the Korčula island, Dubrovnik, oh, how to choose specific spots between all these coastline jewels? The best advice I have is to choose by your needs and preferences – but make sure to not choose the one which is situated directly on the sunlight! You don’t want to get sun burns!

For a picnic basket, I would suggest olive oil, homemade bread, tasty salad made of classic Mediterranean ingredients and seasonings, and more! Go local!

Dubrovnik –

Two Rules for All Picnic Regions

Okay, we went through entire country, but as you probably know, there are a lot more picnic spots that I haven’t mention. But that is on you to discover.

And when it comes to the rules of the picnic, there are just two of them – pick local food to truly enjoy in all the beauties of that region and make sure to pack all other essentials such as water and other beverages, toothpicks, wooden forks, sun and bug protection, and – parasol! And you’re good to go!

For more dishes, recipes, and interesting tips and tricks on Croatian flavors and aromas, visit the site KitchenToast!

Jarun –