When vineyard cottages turned into hotel in Lendava


Vineyard cottages turned into hotel in Lendava
Lendava, 25 May – Lendava, a bilingual city in Slovenia’s northeastern Prekmurje region, has started to offer guests a unique accommodation experience as vineyard cottages been transformed into the dispersed Hotel Vinarium.

Named after Vinarium, a hilltop observation tower that has made Lendava a major draw for domestic tourists, the dispersed hotel currently offers accommodation in twelve vineyard cottages, with more to be added in future.

The cottages, called zidanica in Slovenian, are a landmark of Slovenian vineyards. They used to be little but tool sheds for wine growers, but in recent decades hundreds have been transformed into holiday homes. Now they are increasingly used for tourism purposes, their owners banking on unparalleled views from rolling hills, peace and privacy.

In Lendava, Hotel Vinarium will be marketed by the local tourism board, while the cottage owners will remain in charge of interior design and maintenance. The hotel will give Lendava much needed accommodation facilities and generate extra income for the cottage owners.


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