Puklavec Family Wines presnets wine for memorable summer evenings – Muškatna


Summer is just around the corner and wine cellar Puklavec Family Wines is again suprising
us with their sweet wines.

Enjoy warm summer days and nights with cold drinks in the company of your favourite people! Muškat ottonel and Muškatna penina, two of the best selling wines from Puklavec Family Wines winery, will embellish this gatherings. They are especailly suitable for female gatherings during fun and long summer nights that are full of laughter.

Muškatna penina is a fresh wine suitable for every occasion. It is light, lively and refreshing with just a hint of sweetness. Muškat ottonel wine represented last year is the perfect summer companion for days at the beach or the nearest lake. It offers the perfect combination of sweetness and lightness.

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