VOX POPULI 2019 Award by Römerquelle


HIŠA FRANKO won the 2019 VOX POPULI award

About the winner:

The story and the philosophy of Hiša Franko are tightly intertwined with the traditions and the environment of Posočje. An environment, that can be hard and cruel at times, but which is always breathtakingly beautiful. The restaurant, placed at the foothill of mountains and high mountain pastures, and which stands only a bow-shot away from the emerald-colored Soča river, bases its cuisine on the best nature can offer in a given season. Hiša Franko is a new addition to the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants (50 Best), but its legacy spans back more than half a century, when Valter’s father, Franko, was still serving his famous Franko’s roast beef.

The restaurant has a close working relationship with local producers and swears on using locally sourced materials. The house’s personal picker of wild herbs, mushrooms, and plants, Miha, provides the kitchen with what nature offers in different seasons in the surrounding forests, marshes, and meadows. Their herbologist, the wonderful Loredana, provides the restaurant with home-made herbal teas. Every tea mixture is intended for a different time of day or mood. 


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