TOP Slovenia walking trails

best walking trails in slovenia

… amongst gentle wine-growing hills, age-old forests, and dreamy plains …

Slovenia is criss-crossed with hiking trails. Although many hikers tend to go to the mountains, Slovenia’s lowlands also have a certain charm. These are mostly less-demanding trails, which are also appropriate for a family stroll in nature. What will you choose – trails in the shade of green tree tops or those among grapevines, next to picturesque rivers, or among mysterious rocky masterpieces of nature? Read some tips on where you can find your new favourite trail.

Discover the charm of hiking trails that take you among gentle hills, across meadows, and through vineyards, and that are suitable for anyone. Find the most beautiful views of the dynamic landscape. 

Walk through age-old forests

Explore the green trails of the Kočevsko region. Be refreshed in the pleasant green shade of age-old trees, listen to the song of birds, and learn about the diversity of life in the vast forests of Kočevsko. Follow the footsteps of bears to find these forest giants in a protected primeval forest, discover crystal-clear sources, interesting masterpieces of nature, and cultural sights.

Walk across the land of white birches

Explore Bela Krajina in your hiking shoes. Follow the River Kolpa, which you can jump into for some refreshment, or hike up to one of the peaks in the surrounding area to take in the view of the picturesque landscape. Regardless which trail you take, you’ll encounter Bela Krajina hospitality everywhere you go.

Explore the land of castles and vineyards

There’s something for everyone in Posavje. Advanced hikers can climb up to the peaks of the Posavsko Hribovje Hills, such as the magnificent peaks of Lisca Hill and Bohor Hill. Lovers of authentic nature can select trails in the Kozjansko Park. Explore the life and tastes of Posavje while hiking on dynamic themed trails and other trails in the surrounding area of the towns of Krško and Brežice. While on your way, don’t forget to visit the castles of Posavje.

Experience the charms of the Karst

A walk through the picturesque Karst landscape offers you something to enjoy at every step. It continues to take our breath away with stunning karst phenomena, typical Karst architecture, traces from the past, and excellent Karst cuisine at farms and food and drink establishments along the way. Choose your hiking trail from ancient forests to the rocky cliffs of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the views from the highest Karst peaks. 

A walk through the land of sun and grapes

Take a walk among vineyards and ‘zidanice’ cottages in Dolenjska and have a refreshing glass of a special Dolenjska wine – Cviček. Walk across the picturesque Gorjanci Hills and hear about the legends and stories hailing from this area. Go hiking on the trails by the River Krka or go on a walk in the footsteps of monks …