LITIJA: The geometric centre of Slovenia


Janez Vajkard Valvesor claimed that Litija took its name from the Latin word lithus, meaning ‘riverbank’. The positioning of the town lends credence to this claim, occupying both banks of the Sava River. Believed to have had settlements as far back as human history goes, Litija is an old mining town surrounded by unique ethnology and a vast array of fascinating sights and activities.

The last mine closed its doors for the last time in 1965, and up to that point mining had been the major source of income. The 15th century town centre is partially preserved, but more modern buildings are taking over.

It is the various sights that surround Litija that are the breadwinners now. The little village of Vače sits just outside, and with it comes the site of the excavation of a 5th century BC Situla (bucket). The high energy, high activity GEOSS Pustovolski Park is nearby too. Just outside of Vače you will find the geographical centre of Slovenia, and the journey up to this monument is worth every moment. Every winding turn brings you panoramic views of lush green forests and sumptuous woodlands from your eye to the horizon. The Sopota Valley is the cherry on the top of this particularly gorgeous cake.

GEOSS ADVENTURE PARK: Hidden away in the trees of the village Slivna near the geometric centre of Slovenia is a little adventure park that will get the adrenaline pumping in both children and adults alike. Not only is the GEOSS Adventure Park a great way to de-stress, it is also a great place to get away from the summer Slovene heat and get active, with the dense forest all around providing some most refreshing shade. A total of four treetop-climbing routes fill the park, ranging from one to 11 metres, the easiest of which is suitable for children aged four years and up. Trained instructors are always on hand to make sure the fun stays safe, guaranteeing an energetic adrenaline-filled time for the whole family. Large groups are advised to book ahead. Info: Slivna Pri Vače, +386 (0)30 33 23 32, [email protected], www.

THE GEOMETRIC CENTRE OF SLOVENIA: Ever wondered where the geometric centre of Slovenia was? Wonder no more. In a hamlet called Spodnja Slivna just a short distance outside of the village of Vače is a small collection of monuments marking the centre of this beautiful country. An obelisk with its co-ordinates takes centre stage, with an X underneath marking the very central spot. Scattered around are various other monuments, such as a cenotaph dedicated to patriots from the Slovenian War of Independence and a monument created by various members of the Slovene diaspora using different materials. A linden tree (the national tree) and various flags top it all off. The site is some 600m above sea level, and the hiking trail that accompanies it comes with some truly memorable views. Info: Spodnja Slivna, Litija, +386 (0)1 897 60 95, [email protected],

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