TOP Wine Tours in Slovenia


Slovenia is a well-known wine destination, which is split into three whine regions. In every region, you have an amazing opportunity to explore and taste the amazing Slovenian wine. Many winemakers offer wine tours through their vineyards.

Unique Wine Tours – Best of Slovenia

Wine Tours Slovenia

The newest organizator of wine tours in Slovenia will take you on a trip from Ljubljana to Vipava Valley, where you will be able to taste some of the best Slovenian and internationally recognized wines, while experienced sommeliers will take you on a journey through stunning lush family-run vineyards in Vipava Valley. Learn more about Slovenian winemakers in Vipava Valley and how they produce internationally awarded wines here. 

Savor the Experience 

We’ve known Andrew (the exceptional character behind Savor the Experience tours) for years, so we’re perfectly comfortable plagiarising the following description of his highly recommendable bespoke tours: ‘If you want to enjoy a 5-course lunch without busloads of tourists, sample a dozen kinds of goat cheese, go hunting for truffles with dogs, hang out with boutique winemakers in their cellars and meet the people who’ve been making honey, wines and prosciutto for generations then these tours are for you.They don’t merely scratch the surface but delve deep and provide an enriching, authentic experience. Each tour is designed to be more than just a chance to savour delicious fresh, organic and local culinary delights. They give guests a special opportunity to make a real connection with local people’. We couldn’t have said it any better.

Roundabout Travel

One of the most popular agencies in the country, Roundabout has an impressive selection of both public and private tours for smaller groups of guests, including several dedicated to wine tasting.


We love the cheeky name, we love the Vipava Valley and we love the enthusiasm and knowledge of the locals who run the tours. Their mission is ensure guests explore and experience authentic local wine culture.

Aiming to promote the concept of Slow Tourism, offers tons of unique activities, from tasting locally produced foods and wines on family-run farms to experiencing traditional events and workshops.

Ride Around

This Nova Gorica based company is run by a young team, who are super passionate and innovative in their approach to showing guests the very best that Slovenia has to offer. Their tours cover the entire country and its classic attractions, but the most memorable are those that primarily focus on gastronomy in the west of the country, with a bit of history and culture always inseparably playing a part. In addition to wine tasting, you can hunt for truffles, sample craft beers, go rafting down the emerald waters of the Soča river or all of the above and lots more. Their slogan is ‘Don’t be a tourist, be one of us’, and it’s not just words – in many cases the local guides have literally grown up with the winemakers and chefs and are able to provide access and unique experiences that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Slovenia Explorer

Founded in 2011 by a globetrotting Slovene writer and photographer, Slovenia Explorer offers scheduled day trips to all of Slovenia’s wine regions, as well as longer tours that can be custom-tailored.

Simply Cycling Slovenia

The brainchild of one man from Yorkshire intent on providing a more personal type of tour, from March to October he offers a one-week Wine & Water Route, visiting spa resorts and local wine producers.

Enjoy Slovenia

A boutique agency that specialises in wine tourism, Enjoy Slovenia offers a wide selection of unique excursions across the country, from halfand full-day tastings tours to all-inclusive weekend break packages.

Source: THE Slovenia WINE 2018