Počeni škafi – a family gathering with good music, food and drink on Ljubljana castle


11. Aug from 18:00, Castle Moat, Ljubljana Castle

PikniKoncert is a family gathering with good music, food and drink. PikniKoncert is a different way to spend free time, as it offers a quality cultural experience combined with relaxed socialising and ecological awareness.

After successful festival summers in Tivoli Park, this year the concerts will take place on the Castle Plateau, more precisely in the Moat behind the walls of the Ljubljana Castle. We invite you to retreat from the summer heat in the afternoon and head for the Ljubljana Castle. Lay down a picnic blanket, relax and enjoy a snack while listening to ethno and folk concerts. Great music will be provided – music from all over the world, featuring traditional instruments and various singing techniques. Bring picnic blankets and full picnic baskets, invite your friends and don’t forget the children, toys, dogs and plenty of positive energy, so that we can all have a great time together.

Piknikoncert: Počeni škafi

Počeni Škafi (Cracked Pails) are the illegitimate children of New Orleans street music and French chanson, who grew up on the streets of Ljubljana without parental supervision. Although they have long devoted themselves mainly to original music with an emphasis on witty and moving lyrics in Slovenian, they still remain faithful to the New Orleans way of making music, which Wynton Marsalis says is the most complete embodiment of the democratic process in music. They are constantly listening and adapting, seeking a balance together and creating a space for each other in which they can grow and express themselves. At the same time, they are also one big music party.

Marjeta Prudič – vocals
Matevž Zlatnar – trumpet
Andraž Gnidovec – trombone
Jakob Grčman – guitar
Nejc Klun – double bass
Jernej Juren – grater

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