Scale Up: DS Meritve d.o.o.


Making the consumption of our energy or water resources more efficient

DS Meritve d.o.o. is an innovative technology start-up founded in 2014. They received support from private investors, the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SPS) and were many times recognised as a start-up with high potential.

Theri focus is providing complete telecommunication hardware and software solutions in the field of energy and water metering. With the help of theirs partners, theirs portfolio ranges from the measurement device, data concentrators and gateways to end-user database integration and software solutions.

Their goal is to provide customers with the right solutions for efficient metering of energy and other resources, based on their needs and challenges.

Winner of the PowerUP! competition 2019

Before real work on efficiency can start, more data on how we are using our limited resources is necessary. By gathering as much data as possible we help recognise and solve problems. With 2GG we make smart metering implementation more efficient.

Pitch your Green Idea!

Dejan Lešnik at Bled strategic Forum 2019. He is founder and CEO of the company DS meritve. He is professional in telecommunications engineering. He likes technology and especially technology businesses. In 2019 they won with the system 2GG communication solutions the national comptetition PowerUp! organized by InnoEnergy. The panel “Pitch your Green Idea”.

Dejan Lešnik – DS Meritve Bled strategic forum 2019

They focus on building strong partnerships with progressive companies within the energy innovation value chains.

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