The Marketing tips: Planning your strategy


How do I plan my marketing strategy?

The one question I get asked when meeting new business owners is “How do I plan my marketing strategy?” Well you see this has two different answers both linked together on how to go forward. Planning a strategy means to plan a long-term effective plan of ideas, dates to put into action, platforms to use and when to do this. I would consider your “how, what and why,” and when it comes to planning your product/service to the market then consider the “who and where.”

Many get confused of the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. They do look similar in essence but they both have different functions within them that contribute to your business. Your marketing strategy should include:

  • Your companies mission statement
  • Long term goals (yearly – 5 years)
  • Plan of action for each part of your business
  • Where your companies position currently is sitting
  • Who your competitors are and what they offer?
  • Your branding, location, services and brand goals
  • The different types of buyers that are going to visit your online store/shop

Your marketing plan should be focused upon rather short-term projects that run a successful campaign to reach that targeted audience. What should be included in your marketing plan?

  • Goals for the end result of your campaign – both for online and offline
  • A time line listed with key points as to where you are going to take actions
  • Your budget for each campaign where it be designing graphics or advertising the product
  • Your key point actions and needs
  • Your consumers actions and needs
  • Which social platforms are you going to use to express your branded product or service on?

If you run a successful campaign from start to finish you will see how quickly and easy running the next will be. Keep a record of reports and document the traffic you get in from each campaign to help you better understand what your consumers wanted from what you have given them already. Most importantly you need to create business connections through these campaigns. If you receive a message on social media or via email, reply to them with great customer service. Listening to your clients will help you determine the next steps for your business.

Every month I host training events throughout the month specifically targeted to different topics. The training event is free of charge and anyone is welcome to join and bring a friend. Alternatively, if you are reading this past 2020 you can visit my YouTube channel or training website where I upload my training sessions to help everyone.