What to do in Slovenia in the spring?


Don’t you just love it when the “spring comes to town“?

Slovenia truly comes to life in the spring as the trees start to blossom and more activities are available for you to enjoy. Here is our list of what to do in Slovenia in the spring!

Take a trip to Lake Cerknica

Our first thing to do in Slovenia in the spring is taking a trip to Lake Cerknica.

Lake Cerknica or Cerkniško Lake is – Europe’s largest intermittent lake. Taking a trip to Lake Cerknica is always a good idea, as long as the lake is there of course. Now you see it, now you don’t! Well perhaps not that quickly but regardless of Europe’s largest periodic body of water, Lake Cerknica is, truly a magical natural phenomenon.

The lake is usually at its largest in spring, whilst when dry it becomes a green meadow where cattle graze amongst sinkholes. 

Plan your trip to Lake Cerknica in the spring here.

Take a stroll through Ljubljana city center

Next on our list of what to do in Slovenia in the spring is taking a nice stroll through Ljubljana city center.

Just as the weather temperatures are getting better taking a stroll through Ljubljana is a perfect idea. Start on Prešeren square and continue your way on the streets of the old city center. Explore the beautiful old buildings and then hop on Ljubljana Castle, which will give you an amazing view of the city. Afterward, continue to discover the Roman remains of Emona in Ljubljana. Perhaps the most impressive of all the Emona monuments is the former city wall, which can be found along Mirje just south of the city center. 

Plan your trip to Ljubljana here.

Visit the beautiful Soča Valley

Visiting Soča Valley is next on our list of what to do in Slovenia in the spring.

As one transcends the winding road up from Tolmin or descends the southside of Vršič mountain pass, they become mesmerized by flashes of turquoise appearing at their side. Along its banks, in its catchment area, several towns and numerous villages. Many outdoor activities are starting in the spring in Soča Valley. One of them is canyoning. The best locations to go canyoning in Slovenia is for sure Bovec.

Go canyoning in Soča Valley with us!

Visit Zelenci – a natural reserve

Head over to Kranjska Gora and stop by Zelenci. This is without a doubt one of our favorite things to do in Slovenia in the spring. The stunning surroundings of Zelenci – natural reserve starts to get its beautiful green color. Walk along a special wooden footpath to the lake and its marshy surroundings. The entrance to Zelenci is free of charge!

Plan your visit to Zelenci here.

Explore the best Slovenian hiking trails

Next on our list of what to do in Slovenia in the spring is exploring the best Slovenian hiking trails. Slovenia truly is a hiking paradise with more than 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails.

Going on a hike in Slovenia is truly an amazing experience. As long as you have the right equipment we highly recommend going on a hike in Slovenia during the spring.

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Go biking in the best bike parks in Slovenia

Slovenia is quite popular with bikers and cycling enthusiasts alike. Spring is the perfect season to go cycling in Slovenia as temperatures are not too high or too low. Going cycling in bike parks is one of our favorite things to do in Slovenia in the spring.

Beginners and professionals will be happy to ride on the biking trails in the many bike parks located in Slovenia.

Explore the top Slovenian bike parks here.

top bike parks Slovenia

Go kayaking on wild rapids in Slovenia

Just as the rivers in Slovenia are warming up you will be pleased to hear that you can go kayaking. Paddle on the beautiful and clean rivers in Slovenia during the spring.

Besides rafting and canyoning, kayaking is one of the most popular water activities in Slovenia. In fact, it has been ranked number one amongst attractions on offer in several regions of Slovenia. Do you need more convincing that kayaking in Slovenia is a must?

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Visit Slovenian castle or two

We know we will never be royals, but visiting the most beautiful Slovenian castles is one of our top things to do in Slovenia in the spring.

Slovenia does not have a monarchy even though there are more than 500 castles in the country! That means there is approximately one castle per 25 kilometers. Interesting right?

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