Soboško lake


46.640344, 16.176138

Soboško lake, also known as the Soboško sea, lies near Murska Sobota. The town is famous for its pavilion, which Slovenia used on the 2015 Expo in Milan, Italy.

The shape of the pavilion symbolizes the Slovene geographical landscape, while its content was designed to resemble Expano, the regional promotional center for Pomurje, also called ˝the Doors of Pomurje˝.

In the interior of the pavilion is a permanent exposition, where you can, with the help of modern multimedia technology, admire the incredible plant and animal life, which thrives on the river’s banks. You can have a snack in the little inn, buy a selection of souvenirs from Prekmurje, organize a business meeting, and enjoy discovering the sights and sounds of the region.

The banks of the lake are chock-full of opportunities for active spending of free time in the company of family and friends. The lake prides itself with an exercise park for adults, which is comprised of 34 outdoor fitness machines, while the kids will have the chance to enjoy the nearby playground. Just on the side of the exercise park are four tiny houses with barbeques, where you can treat yourself, your friends and family to a picnic or an outdoor celebration.

Other activities that the lake offers are swimming, guided exercise routines in the exercise park, surfing, SUPing (stand-up paddling), sailing, zorbing on the water surface, kayaking and canoeing and a wide variety of activities for children.

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia