THE Slovenia Trip Tip Moravske Toplice: The top destination of the beautiful Pomurje region

moravske toplice

The slogan of the municipality, which reads “We are wealthy, for we appreciate what we have,” was chosen for a reason. It reflects the beauties of nature, cultural gems, and architectural marvels of this stunning region in the far eastern corner of the country.

The municipality of Moravske Toplice consists of 28 settlements and is considered the largest urban administration unit of Pomurje. This north-eastern part of Slovenia, with its culinary delights, acclaimed wine producers and natural health spas, is a popular choice for tourists.
Two official languages are spoken in five settlements and the area has a high number of Hungarian inhabitants, thus providing the region with a multicultural feel.

The region’s diverse landscape lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits such as: cycling, hiking, golf and horseback riding. With a wonderful events calendar including tourist markets, wine and food festivals, open-air carnivals and guided hiking, there’s always a good reason to visit.

The thermal waters and vast green spaces provide the perfect environment for flora and fauna. The summer months bring storks, which can be seen circling the skies, and grey and white herons can be found throughout the year. A true paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers and photographers.

The slogan of the municipality was chosen for a good reason and reflects the beauties of nature, cultural gems, and architectural marvels: “We are wealthy, for we appreciate what we have.”

Text by Justine Dunn. Photo credit TIC Moravske Toplice.