BREAKING NEWS: A meteor has exploded between Slovenia and Croatia


A meteor has most likely exploded in the sky between Slovenia and Croatia. Photos circulated around the web, which show a meteor explosion.

According to the estimates from the Geological Survey, the meteor supposedly exploded at a very high altitude, most likely when it was entering the atmosphere somewhere between Istria and Novo mesto. The meteor explosion between Slovenia and Croatia was significantly larger than in 2009 when the meteorite fell on Jesenice.

Ravnokar čuden od nikjer vzet močan pok nad našo hišo. In potem ta dim, ki izgleda kot mali oblak pa to ni.

Objavil/a Martin Težak dne Petek, 28. februar 2020

People from Slovenia and Croatia are posting the picture of the meteor explosion on social media. Croatian media reported that Zagreb residents panicked and called the authorities, because of the strong shaking of the ground.

According to Istramet, a meteor exploded around 10.34 above Istria or somewhere above the northern Adriatic. Even their readers report the shaking of windows. The sources estimate that the meteor remains have fallen on the border between Slovenia and Croatia.

Meteor je oko Karlovca i Zagreba probio zvučni zid? Javljaju nam čitatelji o potresu, ali nije bio potres! ?Jeste li vidjeli ovu rijetku pojavu!?

Objavil/a IstraMet dne Petek, 28. februar 2020

In the coming days, experts will determine the details of the event.

According to Jure Atanackov from the Geological Survey of Slovenia, today’s event is much larger than the fall of the Jesenice meteorite in 2009, he said: “Strong sound bites are typical of meteors that penetrate deep into the atmosphere, and are usually thrown to the ground by some meteorite – as was the case with the fall of the Jesenice meteorite in 2009 (today’s event is much larger). If meteorites are found shortly before chemical changes begin, meteorites can be of great importance for solar research.