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Have you heard about Ljubljana’s amazing Escape Room Enigmarium®? In their most popular escape games, you can immerse yourself in one of seven extraordinary, unique experiences which, besides giving your brain and problem-solving skills a workout, provide extensive knowledge of Ljubljana’s myths and legends (in fact, that is Enigmarium’s signature!).

You won’t want to miss the exciting stories in their latest games located at the newly added 350 m2 escape room centre at Trdinova ul. 4: The Return of the Werewolf and The Lost Submarine: Operation Waterman – the most cinematic, thrilling experiences where you play the main role! Do you have a larger group? The expanded centre allows you to perfectly combine a teambuilding event, bachelor’s party, or business meeting with playing escape games. You can also choose from a group wine-tasting-and-painting activity called Winesperience Art or the Escape Work(shop), where you and your team playfully learn how to use gamification
elements in real life to strengthen team competencies and have more fun!

If you prefer to escape to the open air, try the outdoor gamified city tour, Unlock® Ljubljana, the most entertaining way to escape ordinary sightseeing and have an incredible time visiting Ljubljana’s highlights, solving puzzles and learning about its past while having
fun with your family, friends and even co-workers. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to escape the ordinary!

Escape boredom and transform into a detective, spy, or secret agent. Become a hero and save the world in a crazy adventure in one of the most popular escape room games at Enigmarium® in Ljubljana.

The popular and award-winning games of Enigmarium® are characterized by excellent game flow and unique challenges that cannot be seen anywhere else, designed on a symbolic level to ensure everyone finds their satisfaction. Carefully crafted dramatic arcs and stories keep you in suspense until the last second.

Here, you’ll find the friendliest gamemasters who come to your aid, ensuring that your date, birthday celebration, or original team-building event, where the team bonds even more, turns into an occasion you’ll talk about for a long time! Do you already know where you’ll celebrate your birthday or organize a party?

Hint: You can’t go wrong with an Enigmarium® gift voucher – instead of material things, give an unforgettable experience.

Gather a team of two to five players and come play!


The game is suitable for 2-5 players, and up to 25 players (5 per game) can play at the Trdinova 8 location in the city center.

PRICE for a team (2-5 persons): 60€

Slots: every day between 9.00 and 21.00 (every two hours for each game)

Duration: 1 hour of gameplay + approximately half an hour for introduction and conclusion


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