TRAVEL-SLOVENIA – Ultimate travel guide to Slovenia


Travel-Slovenia is the ultimate web tourist portal, which tries to present various locations around Slovenia and bring them closer to foreign and domestic visitors. Slovenia is a small sub-Alpine country, which offers unique experience and unforgettable moments. Travel-Slovenia, a tourist guide, tries to provide as much informations about Slovenia as needed, so the visitors will leave it with beautiful impressions.In this regard, we also started to write a blog, about our travels around Slovenia and to provide first-hand information and experiences. To give our visitors something more and to encourage them to visit this places. As we believe, the first-hand experience of a place is the best information one can get.

Travel-Slovenia, besides information about the locations, provides insight to Slovenian products, history, general information, happenings, events and much more.
So start exploring with us and be part of this amazing journey.