BREAKING NEWS: Major earthquake in Croatia also felt across the whole of Slovenia


Another strong earthquake hit central Croatia this afternoon, with injuries reported as well as considerable damages to buildings southeast of the capital Zagreb. At 12.19 local time, strong earthquakes were felt all over Slovenia. The epicenter was reported near the Croatian town of Petrinja. In Krško, the nuclear power plant was shut down as a precaution, and deputies in the National Assembly suspended the discussion of PKP 7 for a short time. Austria, Italy, Serbia, and Bosnia also report shaking of the grounds from the major earthquake in Croatia.

The European Mediterranean Seismological Center said an earthquake of 6.3 magnitudes hit 46 kilometers (17 miles) southeast of Zagreb. Initial reports said the earthquake caused wide damage, collapsing roofs, building facades and even some entire buildings. The same area was struck by a 5.2 quake on Monday and several smaller aftershocks were felt Tuesday. The earthquake Tuesday was felt throughout the country and in neighboring Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, and Bosnia. It even was felt as far away as Graz in southern Austria, the Austria Press Agency reported, as well as in Venice, Italy.

First quake relief from Slovenia arrives in Croatia

Ljubljana- The first disaster relief dispatched by Slovenia in the wake of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in the neighbouring country arrived in Croatia at midnight, the Slovenian Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration has announced on its Twitter account

The major earthquake in Croatia was felt across the whole country of Slovenia

According to initial data, the epicenter was 149 kilometers southeast of Ljubljana, according to the Office of Seismology and Geology at the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. The intensity of the earthquake in the wider area above the epicenter did not exceed the fifth degree according to the European seismic scale.

The earthquake was felt by the residents of the whole of Slovenia. The ground also shook violently in Ljubljana. The deputies discussing PKP 7 in the parliament suspended the session for a short time and left the hall. SDS MP Jure Ferjan shared a photo on Twitter, which shows that minor material damage was also caused inside the National Assembly during the earthquake.

In Maribor, the supply of electricity is also disrupted, and the traffic lights are not working. According to eyewitnesses, stands, cupboards and beds were shaking in the Maribor University Medical Center, and some patients were relocated. According to the testimonies of Slovenians, the earthquake was felt from the coast all the way to Prekmurje.

Krško nuclear power station shut down as a precaution after quake in Croatia

The Krško Nuclear Power station was shut down as a precaution Tuesday after a strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit near Petrnija, Croatia, around midday. Such a shutdown is standard procedure in the event of a strong earthquake, the company told the STA. “I can confirm the preventive shutdown,” spokeswoman Ida Novak Jerele told AFP.

Second earthquake in Croatia this week

The area of Petrinje was already shaken by an earthquake on Monday, with a magnitude of 5, followed by several aftershocks, including last night and this morning. The strongest shock was moderate, with a magnitude of 3, confirmed the Croatian Seismological Institute. In Petrinja, streets were littered with fallen bricks and dust and many houses were completely destroyed. The Croatian military was deployed in Petrinja to help with the rescue operation. The town of Petrinja did not sleep last night, Mayor Dumbović said on today’s Croatian radio show before today’s earthquake. He confirmed that residents felt two moderate earthquakes, the first shortly after midnight and the second at 7am.

Assistant Interior Minister and Civil Protection Commander Damir Trut said firefighters and members of the utilities and civil protection had a lot of work to do after Monday’s quake to deal with the aftermath. Most of them were damaged chimneys and roofs and cracked walls in residential and commercial buildings.

Zagreb seismologist Krešimir Kuk said that aftershocks, such as those that followed Monday’s earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina County, are common. He reminded that after the March earthquake in Zagreb, 2,400 earthquakes were detected in the city area. Among other things, he told Croatian radio that the Petrinja area was shaken by a magnitude 6 earthquake in 1909.

Strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocks central Croatia, damage reported

Initial seismological reports say an area southeast of the Croatian capital of Zagreb was struck with a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, which can cause widespread damage. The European Mediterranean Seismological Center said an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hit 46 kilometers (17 miles) southeast of Zagreb. Initial reports said the earthquake caused wide damage, collapsing roofs, building facades and even some entire buildings. The regional N1 television reported live Tuesday from the town of Petrinja, which was hard-hit in the Monday quake, that a collapsed building had fallen on a car. The footage showed firefighters trying to remove the debris from the car, which was buried underneath. The report said a man apparently was in the car when the quake hit.

At least six people die in the Croatian earthquake, more people injured in Petrinje

It was just confirmed by the mayor of Petrinje that a young child has died in the town Petrinje, which was hit by the major earthquakes both on Monday and Tuesday. A journalist from Jutarnji list in Petrinja said that there were at least two people hurt in one of the already damaged buildings and are now in critical condition. A man and a boy were pulled out alive from a car buried in rubble and sent to a hospital. According to the latest figures, six people have died, including a 13-year-old girl and another child. Dozens were injured during the earthquake in Croatia. The towns of Petrinja and Sisak are destroyed.

Life is coming to a halt in Croatia due to the major earthquake

Most of Zagreb was left without electricity on Monday when the first earthquake hit the city, trams were standing, people were on the streets assessing the damage. During the second earthquake on Tuesday, the lives of Croatians have once again come to a halt as they are expecting the shook waves after the two major earthquakes this week.

After the earthquake, the mayor of Petrinje Gumbović said that half of the city was destroyed, which was also reported by journalists. He asked for emergency help, reports the portal. “The government is panicking, people are looking for their relatives,” the mayor added, calling on anyone who could come for help, especially professional firefighters and the military. Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announced that he would go to Petrinja to asses the damage caused by the earthquake.  

Not the first earthquake in Croatia in 2020

This is the largest, but unfortunately not the first earthquake that shook Croatia this year. Such an earthquake could cause more serious material damage near the epicenter of the earthquake, they warn. According to N1, the center of Petrinja was practically demolished, most of the buildings were damaged.

Source- STA