Coronavirus in Slovenia: Daily updates

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Slovenia has tested over 909,900 people in the last few months since the epidemic with Coronavirus has started in Slovenia. There have been over 3,225 deaths recorded due to Coronavirus in Slovenia, while over 150,000 people have been infected with Coronavirus in Slovenia. Over 1,237 people are currently in the hospital due to COVID-19 in Slovenia.

Daily coronavirus count down on week before for 10th day

LJUBLJANA – Slovenia logged 1,690 new coronavirus infections from 14,010 tests on Monday as the daily increase in cases fell on the week before for the tenth day running. Government data also show that 25 more Covid-19 patients died. Government data show 5,306 PCR tests and 8,704 rapid antigen tests were performed yesterday, of which 22.8% and 5.5%, respectively, came back positive. The number of cases confirmed is a decline of almost 11% on the figure a week ago, follows from the tracker site

Strain resembling English coronavirus variant detected in Slovenia

LJUBLJANA – A strain of the novel coronavirus very similar to the highly virulent English mutation has been detected in the smear test sample of a person who has recently arrived in Slovenia from England, the national lab has confirmed. The National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food told the STA that sections of the sample they had been able to analyse fully matched the English variant, but they were unable to acquire the whole genome sequence.

Tests used for mass testing meet standards, says official

LJUBLJANA – After questions were raised about rapid antigen tests used for mass screening and their efficacy, Health Ministry State Secretary Marija Magajne told reporters the ministry’s inquiry into the matter showed the test kits complied with relevant national guidelines and WHO standards regarding their sensitivity and specificity. Wile detailed findings about the quality of the tests will be released later, Magajne said the result of positive tests was almost 100% accurate and negative were 80-90% accurate.

Erjavec mulling temporary withdrawal of no-confidence motion due to Covid

LJUBLJANA – DeSUS leader Karl Erjavec will decide by midday tomorrow whether to temporarily withdraw his consent to the bid to become a prime minister-designate because several MPs have been infected with coronavirus and could not vote in person. He believes it would be right to continue with the no-confidence motion once all MPs can vote. Under the parliamentary rules of procedure, MPs must be present in parliament in person for a secret ballot. The college of deputy group leaders meets tomorrow to decide when to hold the session. Wednesday has been mentioned as a possible date.

Slovenia supportive of vaccine travel certificate

LJUBLJANA – Slovenia expressed support for a vaccine travel certificate as the EU’s Europe ministers launched a debate on the issue. Gašper Dovžan, Foreign Ministry state secretary for European affairs, “supported the idea of European vaccination certificates, which could strengthen the four European freedoms in accordance with the principles of EU law,” the Foreign Ministry said. The office of Prime Minister Janez Janša said Janša had “already made it clear that he thinks this will sooner or later come to be”.

PM thinks hard lockdown may not be necessary

LJUBLJANA – Prime Minister Janez Janša thinks a hard lockdown that would involve limiting people’s movement to within a certain radius around their home may not be necessary. “Due in particular to the introduction of rapid testing, it will be possible to weather the January-February wave without the most drastic measures,” he told Planet TV on Saturday evening. Janša stressed that the effects of vaccination were starting to show as well.

Production Problems at Pfizer Will Delay Slovenia’s Vaccination Plans

Slovenia will receive 20-25% less Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine than planned on Monday due to production adjustments at, Health Ministry State Secretary Marija Magajne told the press on Saturday. This means the first-dosage vaccination will be delayed, and the whole vaccination plan will need to be adjusted.

Thus, the vaccination that was planned for next week could stretch to February or March, said Magajne, who visited the Celje general hospital today.

Potential staying of school closure would be health risk, govt says

After a group of parents recently filed a constitutional review proposal of the closure of primary schools and kindergartens, the government said on Sunday that if the Constitutional Court stayed the implementation of the decree, that would be contrary to all the prevention measures and would mean direct harm to public health. In the latter case, the court ordered that the government enable special-needs programmes to resume in-person on 4 January at the latest, and on 5 January children with special needs returned to in-classroom instruction.

Source: STA