Did you know Amanda Gorman likes Slovenia?


Did you know that Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, visited Slovenia in 2019? Read why and what left a lasting impression on her.

Since the historic Inauguration Day, where President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn into office, all eyes are on a young, rising poet Amanda Gorman, who performed her poem The Hill We Climb at the ceremony, thus becoming the youngest Inaugural Poet in U.S. history. 

Amanda Gorman visited Slovenia back in 2019 as a reporter of the What We Carry documentary, a joint project of Prada and the National Geographic team. The main topic of the documentary was learning how the Prada Re-Nylon initiative is taking harmful waste from around the world and reusing them. The show has charted the story behind the new Prada Re-Nylon sustainability initiative across the globe – uncovering the methods by which harmful and wasteful materials – plastic ocean waste, fishing nets, discarded textiles – are regenerated, revitalized.

Uncovering the complex and intriguing stories and examining the multiple countries and communities touched by the Re-Nylon project, Prada have collaborated with specialists from National Geographic to create an episodic branded content series exploring its roots – What We Carry. 

They also travelled to Slovenia, which they described as “a country which has latterly become a hub of a new regenerative and sustainable industry, with 40,000 tons of material recycled annually. It is also home of Aquafil’s production plant for ECONYL®, established in the city of Ljubljana.” 

Slovenia indeed is a country where sustainability is at home. Featured in a number of the top renowned media as one of the most sustainable countries of the world, it sets out a good example for other countries. With projects like this, the image of Slovenia as a green and healthy country is only underlined.

In the series, beautiful Slovenian landscape is also featured, showcasing the beauties of Bled and Ljubljana.

Amanda Gorman was thrilled about Slovenia, which she also stated on her Instagram profile (with more than 2 million followers), posting a trailer of the What We Carry episode: “Had the honor of visiting Slovenia with @prada this summer as a reporter…”

Take a look at the trailer of the What We Carry episode here:

Source: STO