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Green Tea with the Aroma of Green Flowers of Slovenia


If we wanted to define green tea as the taste of our country, we would attribute freshness, herbs and lightness of taste to it. This is exactly what this tea contains – green tea with a base of herbs that traditionally grow on our soil.
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The mixture of Green Flowers of Slovenia will provide an antioxidant contribution in the company of ginger. The task of chamomile is to have a soothing and antibacterial effect, linden will have a beneficial effect on the body, and elderberry will provide a pleasant, sweet aroma and lead you into a beautiful morning. Tea is suitable for lovers of delicate, refined flavors.

Green teas with aroma can be your all-day companion not only as hot tea – they are also perfectly prepared chilled, even at room temperature. Prepare it with cold water, add lemon, lime, ginger or seasonal fruit and the tea will become an alternative to juice or cold lemonade. Read more about cold preparation HERE.

What is green tea?

Green tea is partially fermented tea tree leaves. Due to its theine content, green tea is invigorating, so it can be an excellent substitute for coffee. Green tea also contains a lot of flavonoids and catechins, which have a beneficial effect on our body when drunk regularly.

Green tea is generally not bitter, although there are types of green tea that have a more bitter taste. Read the tab on making tea and the tea will never be bitter.

Wu lu green tea, ginger pieces, natural aroma, chamomile flowers (4%), linden (2%), elderberry (2%), marigold flowers (1%), sunflower flowers (1%)

Origin: EU

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