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Flavored coffee Cinammon – Hazelnut


The aroma of honey and hazelnut (2%) is added to the coffee.

We recommend adding milk to the cup, as it enhances the flavors of coffee and the aroma.

Aroma / Flavor
Honey / Hazelnut

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Flavored coffees are perfect for special occasions as they add a special meaning to the moments we enjoy them.

To this coffee blend, a cinnamon/hazelnut aroma (2%) has been added. The aroma is infused into freshly roasted coffee immediately after the roasting process when the coffee beans are most receptive to absorbing flavors and aromas from the surroundings. The coffee then needs to rest for at least 48 hours before it is ready to be sent to coffee lovers’ homes.

You can add a touch of milk to the coffee, which beautifully harmonizes the flavors of the coffee and the aromas, creating a delightful combination.

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