Soča Valley among the 10 best destinations to visit in Europe


Soča Valley was voted among the 10 best destinations to visit in Europe.

Soča Valley is among the 10 destinations selected by the European Destination of Excellence. Soča Valley continues to show the world that sustainable tourism can provide visitors and travelers with real offers. This is another staple of approval that Soča Valley remains of the most attractive destinations to discover in Europe.

Discover Soča Valley

As one transcends the winding road up from Tolmin, or descends the southside of Vršič ountain pass, they become mesmerised by flashes of turquoise appearing at their side. Steal a glance or two and you realise it is an enchanting river, none other than the Soča. Along its banks, in its catchment area, several towns and numerous villages have lain since the Slavic tribes settled here in the 6th century, the ancestors of modern day Slovenes, their luck untold. It is a beautiful valley, in the truest sense of the word. Towering rocky mountains of Triglav National Park, lush green forest and that crystalline water on pure white stones. Breathtaking.

Top things to do in Soča Valley

For those who can appreciate natural beauty, or enjoy it through outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting or paragliding, it’s perfection. Its significance in modern history undoubtedly draws visitors too, the world wars having seen key front lines on this territory. The stories of war and the area’s heritage are told through excellent indoor and outdoor museums, mountain trails and historical remains such as the medieval Kluže fortress, all linked by the Walk of Peace.

Culturally speaking, the self-reliant Soča valley offers stone and sand art, wax and wool products, folkloric song and dance, and the cuisine, oh the cuisine. From Tolmin and Bovec cheese to the native Soča trout, unique ‘čompe’ Bovec potatoes and sweet sweet Kobarid ‘štruklji’, there’s plenty to discover.

Top things to do in Bovec

Bovec is so-called Slovenia’s supreme summer and winter sports town as if offers plenty of fun activities throughout the entire year.

Lying in the magnificent upper Soča valley in northwestern Slovenia, Bovec allows you to explore all the natural beauties of Triglav National Park. The town is a great base for summer activity holidays, canyoning, hiking and mountain biking on land, paragliding from the surrounding alpine peaks through the air, ziplining, or rafting and kayaking on the truly awesome turquoise waters of the river Soča. The area is also popular during the winter ski season. Read the article and find out which are the top things to do in Bovec.