Top Adrenaline parks in Slovenia


Slovenia is heaven for people who love getting a dose of an adrenaline rush. This summer drop by the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia and get your very own dose of adrenaline while on holidays in Slovenia.

Slovenia has many options for people who look for an adrenaline rush. From canyoning in the emerald green waters of Soča River, rafting down the wild rapids to making wild turns in some of the best bike parks in Slovenia. But there is another way of getting a healthy dose of adrenaline this summer in Slovenia. Visit the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia, where you will be able to face your fear under professional supervision.

Visiting the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia is a popular summer activity for families and couples alike. Adrenaline parks in Slovenia attract a lot of people each year and provide their visitors with a unique experience. The top adrenaline parks in Slovenia are set in beautiful natural surroundings that provide you with a more relaying setting.

We have prepared a list of top adrenaline parks in Slovenia. Walkthrough various footbridges, sway on huge swings, jump through obstacles, ziplining through the top Adrenaline park in Slovenia, and more! Test your skills and catch your balance in the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia while getting a dose of adrenaline.

Bohinj Adrenaline Park

Bohinj has many activities for you, from kayaking and canoe to canyoning. If you are looking for another way to get that adrenaline pumping we suggest you visit one of the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia, which is located right next to the shore of Lake Bohinj. What an amazing way to soak up the beauty of the Lake Bohinj while catching your balance and building your team spirit.

The Bohinj Adrenaline park is perfect for families, couples, and even team buildings. The Bohinj Adrenaline park has a high ropes course, where you can perform different tasks and overcome obstacles 8 meters above the ground. After the high rope obstacle, you can swing on the giant swing and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Bohinj.

bohinj lake

Srnica Adrenaline Park

Srnica Adrenaline park is a place where you will find a variety of active adventures. At the top adrenaline park in Slovenia – Srnica you will be able to experience a unique mixture of adrenaline and adventure. Srnica adrenaline park is located in the Upper Soča River Valley, making your visit at this top adrenaline park in Slovenia a perfect day trip while visiting the stunning emerald Soča River. This top Adrenaline park in Slovenia is intended for nature lovers as well as adrenaline enthusiasts. You will be able to cling over the 120 meters long gorge near Bovec, which combines both hiking and climbing elements. In Srnica Adrenaline park you will be able to enjoy ziplining over the beautiful Soča gorge.

Soča Fun Park

While visiting the beautiful town Solkan near Nova Gorica, drop by the next top adrenaline park in Slovenia on our list. Soča Fun Park is perfect for families, as it includes crossing the Soča River on a raft and sliding down the zipline from one part of the River Soča to the next. Sounds like loads of fun, right? Soča Fun Park is designed to stimulate all of your senses on its challenge course. Besides zipline and rafting, you will be able to climb up to the treetops and observe the beautiful parts of Solkan. The Soča Fun Park was designed to cater to adventure junkies and thrill-seekers. 

Celjska koča Adventure Park

On the other side of Slovenia, you will find our next top adrenaline park in Slovenia, located at Celjska Koča. At Celjska Koča Adventure park you will find many daring devices alongside the so-called Monkey Tree, which will get your heart pumping. This top Adrenaline park in Slovenia combines around 35 different elements, that will surely test your skills. Celjska Koča Adventure park consists of three routes of varying levels of difficulty.

Otočec Adventure Park

Near one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia, you will find Otočec Adventure Park, which features adrenaline-filled experiences in the high treetops. The course at Otočec Adventure park has many bridges, ladders, nets, and other props which will make you get a different perspective of the Otočec area. This top adrenaline park in Slovenia has 4 different tracks with 46 climbing adrenalin-pumping adventures. Each participant can choose their own difficulty level to overcome in two to three hours. All the tracks are adjusted to the natural placement of trees and this is why each of them is unique. The purpose of the Otočec Adventure Park is to have fun and to spend free time creatively in the outdoors.

Otočec Adventure Park

GEOSS Adventure Park

In the very heart of Slovenia, you will be able to visit the next top adrenaline park in Slovenia. Visit GEOSS Adventure Park and enjoy a family day filled with adventure just 30 minutes away from Ljubljana in a small village Slivna. GEOSS Adventure Park offers walking and climbing paths in the treetops, for children and adults. The bravest can rise up to 11 meters high, there are 5 routes, 72 climbing elements, and take around 2 to 3 hours to conquer.

GEOSS Adventure Park

Peter Klepec Adrenaline Park

Near Osilnica on the River Kolpa, you will find the next top adrenaline park in Slovenia. Peter Klepec Adrenaline Park in Osilnica is a local adrenaline park near the Croatian border. The adrenaline park is a polygon consisting of tall wooden elements – pillars, on which it is possible to do various exercises that can be overcome individually or in groups. It is a series of controlled individual or group challenges that can be used for recreational, study, development, or therapeutic purposes. At this top adrenaline park in Slovenia, you will be able to get in touch with the beautiful nature alongside the clear river Kolpa.

Peter Klepec Adrenaline Park

Postojna Adventure Park

Just a short drive away from Postojna Cave you will find our next top Adrenaline park in Slovenia. Postojna Adventure park provides you with unforgettable adventures for all generations, making this top adrenaline park in Slovenia perfect for the whole family. You will get a wonderful forest adventure that is consisted of bridges, ladders, nets, ropes, wires… which you will have the chance to climb or even take a ride from one adventure to another. If you’re looking for a something-to-write-home-about-holy-cow-I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that adventure, you have to visit Postojna Adventure park. Defeat all the fun barricades at Postojna Adventure park.

Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park 

Looking for a special adrenaline-filled experience at one of the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia? Then you simply must visit Lake Bukovica Adventure Park this summer. The Lake Bukovica Adventure Park has the longest climbing trail spanning a whopping 27 meters called the Stork’s Flight. This top adrenaline park in Slovenia is perfect for all ages. Lake Bukovica Adventure Park features 66 different elements, including a free fall with a height of 10 meters. You can also enjoy ziplining at Lake Bukovica Adventure Park.

Lake Bukovica Adventure Park

Betnava Adventure Park

Near the beautiful Phoroje Hills, you will be able to visit Betnava Adventure Park. This top adrenaline park in Slovenia is located on the edge of Maribor. The Betnava Adventure park is well landscaped and offers seven adventure routes over different elevations beneath the tree canopy; suitable for children from three up to true extreme sports enthusiasts. Rise to the heights and spend an adrenaline afternoon among the treetops without any time limit at this top adrenaline park in Slovenia.

Vurberk Adventure Park

In the direct vicinity of the remains of Vurberk Castle between Maribor and Ptuj, visit our next top adrenalin park in Slovenia. Vurberk Adventure Park welcomes you to an amazing experience of climbing under the castle treetops.

Vulkania Adventure Park

For those who are curious about how the Earth was formed and about geological processes, we highly recommend visiting Vulkania Adventure Park. This top adrenaline park in Slovenia is waiting for you an unforgettable experience a volcano that was active 3 million years ago in the territory of present-day Slovenia. Visitors at this top adrenalin park in Slovenia can learn about the power of volcanoes and their activity through images, text, and film, through play and interactive content, all of which will leave a lasting impression and help you overcome your fear of volcanoes. Experience volcanoes and the geological history of Goričko at the Vulkanija Adventure Park – top adrenaline park in Slovenia.

Kranjska Gora Summer Park

At one of the most popular places in Slovenia, you will find Kranjska Gora Summer Park, which is one of the top adrenaline parks in Slovenia. For those looking for a surge of adrenalin, while visiting Kranjska Gora, you will find the summer park, which offers amongst its arsenal, a Bike Park, and its various pleasures. Adrenaline filled free-riding over jumps, tables, seesaws, and other obstacles.