MOS – Biggest fair in Slovenia


54rd MOS – Sustainable in a new era!

MOS MOS is a business and fair event that is divided into five segments: MOS DOM, MOS TEHNIKA ENERGETIKA, MOS TURIZEM, MOS B-DIGGIT and MOS PLUS. MOS is complemented by lectures, events and workshops from various fields, where you can get plenty of useful information about home construction or how to establish a company. Traditionally, the fair has a partner country, which makes it easier to establish economic connections between the countries.

With the refined concept of the largest business fair event in the region, MOS represents a new direction that will open new areas for companies to provide a green, digital and resilient economy. The new aspect of the fair coincides with the strategic plan of national and European directives, which companies will be able to more easily implement in their business with the help of MOS.

MOS, as one of the strongest sales and presentation channels, is a meeting point for innovative companies, government institutions and customers, which encourages purchases and new business agreements every year.

MOS is the biggest fair event in Slovenia, with a 52-year-long tradition.


MOS TURIZEM is a fair where camping and caravanning providers present their products, where you can find your next holiday destination or where you will find amazing culinary experiences. A relaxed day at the fair where you can discover where to go next.


MOS TEHNIKA ENERGETIKA is a fair for amateurs as well as masters of their craft. You will find all materials, equipment and tools for the home, craft and industry. You will also fund professional energy solutions on MOS Tehnika Energetika.


MOS B-DIGGIT is an event dedicated to business networking. Make contacts, meet business partners and find opportunities abroad. 


MOS PLUS is a trade fair in the true sense of the word. Remember when you could visit the fair and get everything at amazing prices? This is MOS PLUS, where you can find a wide range of general consumption products.