Organized is not just a brand, it´s a way of life!


Organized is not just a brand, it´s a way of life!

Matic Benet; architect, graphic designer, potter and much more

When did you start to design

The official start was 2 years ago, but the first planner was designed in 2015. I just couldn’t find a planner for myself, so I decided to design it.

˝ was officially founded two years ago. However, Matic has been creating his signature planners for five years now, and slowly but surely expanding his line of products. Originally an aspiring architect, Matic’s brand began after he used his digital design skills to produce a planner which suited his needs, after finding that none of those on the market were what he was looking for. After seeing Matic’s original design, family and friends asked him to create them a copy, and things grew from there. Now, at 25 years old, Matic is continuing working towards achieving a Masters in Architecture, whilst single-handedly running his own business.˝ by Hannah Stirling.

What are the advantages of the products? Why should people buy products instead of others?

All paper products help you to manage your time, to reduce your stress and to help you manage everything in your life. Products are thin, light and not too big to be carried  around all the time. Materials are local and can be recycled and final products are made in Slovenia. Texts on notebooks inspire you to move your ass and do stuff you have to do.

Important is also that you have certain knowledge for the programs you use. This is the first thing you have to know and then there are also good ideas and inspiration. I got a lot of knowledge from Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana and of course from my professor dr. Jaka Bonča. He helped me a lot and we actually designed the first planner together. I am very grateful that he helped me and opened this door for me.

photo: and @adventurousfamilylife

Is it true that you designed a planner for the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor?

Yes, I designed a planner for the President´s office at the end of the year 2017. They found me on instagram and this was a really good experience for me. I am very happy that we finished this project and the final result was amazing.


We also noticed that you went to a Mister Slovenia contest. How did this happen?

I attended the finals in 2018 and I decided that I want to compete next year. Of course I was too slim,  but I started with the gym  next month to prepare my body for the competition. It was one of the best experiences for my self-confidence, the team is just the best and I also met many new people. Guys were great and we are still friends with many of them, we also had an official photo shoot for with all of them.

At the end, I became Mister Casino Korona and this means a lot to me. That locals support you is the best feeling ever.

photo: in Ana Gregorič

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What about arhitecture, do you still make projects?

Yes, I just finished a project Streha za vse in Africa. This is a project at the faculty; first we design a building and then we go to Africa and build it. This year we went to Gambia and built a school for children. It was a shock to change the environment, but it was a great experience. We actually built a building and we learned how to do it. This is perfect for every profession, that we also learn how to make things in practice.

There was also a competition AIV Förderpreis in Nürnberg in Germany a couple of years ago and I got the second prize for my project. It was a renovation of an old train station and we had to design a new  five star hotel. I am really proud of this project, I think it is the best I have ever designed.

What about ceramics. How did you change from graphic design to pottery?

I love all handmade things and I always create something at home. I went to a workshop at the beginning of 2018 and I enthused myself about it so much, I had to buy clay the same day. Then people noticed this and many of them texted me that they want my ceramics and this is how it all started . Then I also bought myself a kiln, made another brand Matic Benet Ceramics and I also lead some workshops myself now. People are very excited about it, ceramics is the new yoga!

The last product we designed together with ˝Najin raj˝ is a bio vegan soy candle in a handmade mug and people are crazy about it. Burn the candle, wash the mug and enjoy some coffee or tea. What is better than to have two products in one.

Photo: Ana Gregorič with (@anagregoricphoto, @tm.esthetics, @zannametelko, @oliviarosedesignseu, @sanjskaobleka,  @leja33, @sanjskisopek, @emazingcreationsbyema, @matic.benet.ceramics, @finiminidizajni, @icljubljana, @partypek)

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia


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