FASHION TALKS: Judita Treppo


FASHION TALKS: Judita Treppo

First lady of fashion and aesthetics. An elegant and witty persona who has shaped herself into the creative director of her own shop at the elite location in Ljubljana on Wolfova 5, that holds the most exquisite of fashion brands the world’s fashion seasons have to offer year, by year, by year.1.


1. Wolfova 5 is the only serious multi-brand fashion store in Ljubljana. When did it all begin?

We started nearly two decades ago, quite a history of our dear Wolfova, also probably time and a good reason to sugar our fashion dreams with a crazy anniversary cake in the near future.

2. Do you have any special memories about the opening of Wolfova 5?

I would rather say, all of our days in the store have been special.

3. What brands were you holding at the beginning and what brands to you hold now?

Introducing a new brand to Wolfova V has always been a very emotional gesture, like opening our home door to a friend. We started in the spirit of Rive Gauche with Madame Rykiel, added her woman designer counterpoint Alberta Ferretti, Moschino brought fun among our hangers. Our present portfolio reflects our fashion taste and attitude of the store: Alexander McQueen, Barbara Bui, Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, Valentino, Isaac Sellam, Kiton, Neil Barrett…, Alberta Ferretti has been with us since our beginnings.

4. You’ve been the store owner long enough to know and predict the shifts of consumers tastes. What changes have you noticed recently?

Trends come, some go unobserved, lasting shifts of street-style taste are rare. Perhaps the ‘new Céline’ by Edi Slimane, the fall bourgeois runway trend turned to street-style by fashion crowd almost immediately in the fashion week Paris, might be a sign of a lasting change

5. Is there a big difference between local shoppers and tourists?

Traveling or at home, it is probably passion for fashion, ours and of our clients that counts, the eye for beauty.

6. What are the key pieces you usually take as a safe guess – pieces you know your customers will want and buy?

There seems to be no room for such thoughts as safe proposals when selecting collections – in our passionate marathons for perfect store editorials runway key styles always win.


7. What do you do with the unsold items? Are you holding an outlet of some sort?

Seasonal styles are either replaced by new ones by the so called brand’s swap service or they remain in the store to further disposal of our clients at reduced prices as advised by brands.

8. Are you selling online?

We have always believed that true designer clothes, possessing a similar potential as art to influence the way we feel and are, they deserve to be presented as it merits, in real stores rather than on the internet. And dinosaurian from a different era or not, we will never give up our very personal relationship to our regular clients, writing invitations by hand for years etc. Both of our attitudes perhaps not to be considered so old fashioned anymore after Paris October shows, where craftiness of mind and hand was praised again everywhere.

9. Do you take personal orders for your regular clients?

Our clothes definitely also get faces of our regular clients in our orders, when selecting a new season in showrooms. Placing special orders to measure of men’s suits, shirts, shoes by Kiton is part of our regular service in the store throughout the year.

10. The window displays are a real pleasure for the eye. Who does the decor? What items do you choose to put in the display?

It is an enormous pleasure and fun, as well as responsibility for us, too. We enjoy doing windows by ourselves very much, with styles we love, communicating a new fashion atmosphere suggesting new styling modes with our store signature.

11. What is the hottest item for this season and who is the perfect customer for it?
Besides many others, anything bourgeois with curiously non-fashion items like sensible skirts, blouses and foulards of a typical Parisienne of seventies, strong tailoring… On the other hand in store reality everywhere designer sneakers of top brands, McQueen, Balenciaga, reigning for too many seasons, too comfortable to be given up probably. However the hottest of all trends, emerging more convincingly than ever during the fashion week, applying to all of us, is a new state of fashion mind that underlines humanity, care for the environment, the need to create lasting wardrobes to love for years instead of instant consume clothes. Chapeau from our store, it has been our motivation since our beginnings.

12. Why do you think some people can pull off everything and others have to make some effort?

It is probably the attitude that matters. Too much beauty could hurt the eye, imperfections work. So does styling an outfit with 99 percent of seriousness and a dash of craziness, the way we love to work in our store.

13. What’s the difference between being stylish and elegant? What do you think being elegant means?

Perhaps closest to the many definitions of style in the Oxford English Dictionary would be: freedom and skill for impressive styling of an outfit, originality. On the other hand, elegance is about restraint, taking away, concentrating with grace on clever essentials…., or quoting Chanel, ‘Elegance is refusal’.

14. Do you have any tips and tricks that one could follow to look more elegant?
Fashion is fun, adding a charming dash of good mood and a feeling of harmony to art de vivre of our everyday life, let’s simply enjoy it.

Source: Fashion guide Autumn Winter 2019 / 2020

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