Made in Slovenia: PIKKA


Pure function dressed to thrill awarded with Red Dot.

These are magic objects. They have the power to make life beautiful. They give meaning to our everyday routines. 

PIKKA solves everyday issues and makes life fuller, richer, tastier. It speaks a simple language: one that intrigues and interacts. All objects are clean in form and finely made in their materialization. High quality materials are playfully interwoven, have a refined finish and an equally enchanting feel – we either touch them or simply admire them silently.

Circulum Wave

Circulum is a smart and simple shelf for the things you need close at hand.

Pikka solves everyday problems by making life smarter and more stylish. The design language is simple, the objects are simple and minimal and meticulously crafted. Quality, locally-sourced materials are playfully combined and carefully processed, meant to be touched or admired in silence. The shelf is intended to store things we like to pile up and lose, like keys, wallets, phones etc. And it comes in hanging, console and freestanding versions.

NEVO coat stand

Soberly elegant hanger.

Nevo’s finely polished surface is the result of much sober consideration of its happy end-user. It’s is an elegant, functional hanger that’s both highly stable and durable. The circular hooks are made from solid birch and are detachable. It stands 180 cm tall and is available in glossy white, black and silver.