Slovenian winemaker of the week: Vinakras


Throughout the country, the Sežana-based Vinakras is synonymous with Teran wines – dark, earthy, and slightly sour red wines made entirely from the Refošk grape, which thrives in the dry continental Mediterranean climate of the Kras region.

vinakras karst wine region

And this image is no misperception, as over 90% of the cooperative’s vineyards are used to grow the grape in question, with the remaining hectares used to produce a line of fresh fruity whites, including Malvazija, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

As a legally protected Vinakraswine (under the PTP), Teran is exclusive to the Karst region, as is it’s much sweeter variety, the Teran Liker dessert wine – flavoured according to traditional recipes it’s a staple at end of meals, and also used in many local dishes. Given Vinakras’ location, most visitors choose to combine a trip to the wine cellar with stops at nearby tourist destinations, such as Škocjan Cave (one of Slovenia’s three UNESCO world heritage sites), the famous Lipica horse farm, or the pretty little medieval hilltop town of Štanjel.

Sejmiška Pot 1a, Sežana
+386 5 73 13 444
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia WINE

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